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ESPN "Experts" picks


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why do you people keep posting crap like this with "experts" in quotes like they are somehow idiots and you are not. The "experts" were the ones that were saying before the season started that the Skins would be languishing in the foot of the division, and guess what WE ARE. They said the Cowboys would dominate the NFC and be Superbowl bound and guess what THEY ARE.

Stop getting a big silly hardon every time you think the media is "dissing" us. It makes ZERO EFFING DIFFERENCE to anything what some media people think, they have their own opinion, screw you if you can't allow someone to have an opinion, even if it's different to your (rose tinted) one.

The Redskins SUCK - AGAIN. The "experts" pretty much nailed that on the head all year. Maybe the "experts" know something we don't.

What the hell? Did you not see that I put "experts" no matter if they pick us or not? Learn to read the whole thread before you reply foolishly.

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