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Why Philadelphia will beat New England


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Try as Eagle Fans might to mentally prepare themselves, it won't do much good.

Take it from us... you will still be miserable on Sunday. Even though you think you are prepared to see your team treated like Ned Beaty at a drunken Hillbilly convention... you're not. Trust me on that. :)

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Last week, I thought the Eagles had the matchups to give this team fits.

However-given that DMac is stinking it up(and is showing no heart to boot), I'm not so sure.

You know the saying, "It's any given Sunday"-you saw how the Skins were *this* close to beating us yesterday. However-aside from the Indy game, the Pats have all but taken care of business every week.:2cents:

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Nobody will beat the Pats until the playoffs.

They're going 16-0 and will shatter about a trillion records on the way.

What a sad year for the NFL.

mind if I ask why this would constitute a "sad year for the NFL"?

maybe for the fans of every other team in the NFL but the NFL itself?

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