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Ya wanna know what a crazy Hollywood peacenik thinks?


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What makes her crazy?

That she has an opinion? And the money to express it? Sometimes I feel like people (and I am not picking on you Henry) would prefer that we go back to the 1800's when people feared dissent and woman didnt raise their voices.

I strongly disagree with some of her views- but I respect what she said about being labeled un-american.

Just my .02 though.

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"What did Iraq do to us?"

Well, Susan, why don't you ask those several dozen American citizens who were living in Kuwait City and Baghdad during 1991 and were taken as hostages by Saddam Hussein and deployed as "human shields" at or near Iraqi "hard targets" in an attempt to dissuade the Allies from using deadly force to combat Hussein during the Gulf War what they think of ol' Saddam? Why don't you ask them if their treatment while they were held hostage by Saddam's famously gentle Republican Guard could be described in the "nothing" fashion that former U.S. ambassador to Iraq and longtime Arab @ss-kisser Edward Peck terms it? Or how about asking the families of those approximately 300 American soldiers who died during the Gulf War and whose blood was spilled to forge the ceasefire agreement that brought that conflict to an end how they feel about Saddam's 11-year-long flouting of the terms of that ceasefire?

What has Iraq done to us, Susan? Wake up and smell the coffee.

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well....she is getting kinda old and her movies don't do as well....kinda like Madonna...think there might be other motives?

as always...I ask the same questions: where are her protests against the inhuman torture chambers the Iraqi's used in Kuwait? the protests over the political murders? the protests and marches against WMDs? the protests against Saddam's chemical wars?

let her voice her opinions. and the rest of us have a similar right to paint her for the distraction (at best) or buffoon (at worst) she truly is.

and why no word from her on the French little side show in the Ivory Coast? Or the Russian sidebar in Chechnya?

no.....let's face facts...these people hate America or more specifically, the American system.....except, of course, that part of it which has made them rich and enabled them to live in neighborhoods separate from the immiserated masses......

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tex....you dog!!!!!

i remember talking to viet nam vets still in the service when I joined. they all said the same thing...."I never knew whether I wanted to shoot her or *uck her!"....pardon my french and apologies in advance to all the feminists onboard....simply reporting facts here......

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