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Giants @ Detriot..game thread


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I totally disagree on 'rooting' for the Giants. We're not THAT far off from the Giants and I have a feeling that the Lions are not as good as their record and will lose some more.

We also play the Giants again, so if we can find a way to beat them and if they lose a few others, we can sneak into that first WC spot.

I'd also point out that however unrealistic it is, we should still be looking at the division title. Beat Dallas twice and hope for them to lose a couple more from demoralization :)

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Beat me to it ...

Over 2 minutes at your 50 .... and you throw a jump ball to Shaun McDonald who is a whole 5'9 ... and have Calvin Johnson and Pro bowler Roy Williams :laugh:

I cannot stress that part enough... I think he has a crush on Shaun or something. They go to him way too often.

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