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Weird! Joe Gibbs' Post-Game Presser (Dallas) ALREADY Released...


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Funny, but just wrong.

Gibbs will have my respect until he leaves. Even if he runs us into the ground. I don't care. The man is the epitome of class and has given far too much, I think, to this ungrateful fanbase.

I do think the game might have passed him by *in some regards*... but I'll respect the guy until HE's ready to leave... not when Snyder wants him gone.

That's all I have to say on the subject. :mad:

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I agree with you that our players are scared and have no emotion. If you watch the NFL Replay of the Redskins v. Patriots again (unfortunately, I still have it on TiVo just in case we meet them again the Super Bowl... LOL), they open with Marcus Washington trying to pump up the defense.

The disturbing thing about it was that the players looked scared and unresponsive. The group did not even include the entire starting defense let alone other members of the Redskins team. That was unreal and disappointing... If they are all in this thing together, they should start by huddling up and getting FIRED UP as ONE TEAM before going onto the field.


Wow man, you actually think the team was scared?

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Not sure how I got my hands on this, but......

(remember-- laughter is the best medicine)

Q: "Coach Gibbs, what happened out there today?"

Gibbs: "Obviously, we fought our guts out. As a matter of fact, on my way back towards the tunnel, I found some of Jimmy Farris' guts lying around the 10 yard line."

This is the funniest post I've ever read on this site. I'm printing it out and it's going on my board at work. Pure stroke of genius dude.

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