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Watch the waiver wire for Russell Maryland


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Russell Maryland is less versatile than Bankston because he is a tackle only. He is 32 as is Bankston.

But on the other hand, Maryland has been a better tackle over his career than Bankston was at either position.

He is also a better guy in the locker room.

I think at this point, Maryland could be valuable as a backup tackle in rotation with Lang.

He is not a 300 pounder but has always been a player that uses good leverage to be a solid run defender.

Perhaps that is a skill he could pass on to Cowsette?

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Sorry, VoR, but what was Bankston? Boose?

These players weren't even invited to another team's camp, so let's not go passing our nose up at a player that can be a one year contributor because we are getting snobby about the type of pedigree we are willing to accept.

Right now, we have a converted end in Lang and then Delbert Cowsette, reclaimed from the Colts practice squad, as our left defensive tackles.

That should inspire no one with supreme confidence.

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I just don't think Maryland's ever been that good. He's looked better than he has because he's played next to the likes of Leon Lett and Darrell Russell. Now he has injury problems to boot--too risky, I say. There will be better pickings after the last cuts.

Russell Maryland = Cortez Kennedy - the production

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I've compared team depth charts and base salaries of DL to project who might get cut, and they really don't get much better than Maryland. Or Boose. Or Bankston. Or Kennedy.

If anyone can offer up some names of DL that will be cast to the wind only to come to DC as our savior (or even a decent rotation guy), please post them for all of our benefit.

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You don't pick up saviors in late-August. If you pick up a starter it's a miracle. We're looking for backup depth for for the D-line who can rotate with the starters by playing 10-20 plays per game. If our D-line plays at an average level this year, especially in run defense, we'll be very lucky.


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the comparison of Maryland to Kennedy is not an even up proposition. for one, we are all guessing that Russell will be released.

but between the two players I think there are major differences in terms of signing if both are available:

1. We know that Maryland has been in an NFL training camp and has worked this summer. Kennedy has not. We don't know what kind of shape he is in and his work ethic doesn't inspire confidence.

2. Kennedy has already been on record as saying he wants more than the $500K veteran minimum and a promise of a starting role. I find it unlikely that Marty is going to offer a 34 year old tackle a big contract even for one season. Also, it is not in Marty's nature to bring in a newcomer like Kennedy and publicly "give" him the starting job. That would send the wrong message to the other players that worked hard in camp.

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