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An apology to my tailgate brethren


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I don't get to go to many games live, but got the word at 10 pm yesterday that there were tickets available if I wanted them. Of course I did. I was excited about going to the game and seeing and meeting a number of ESers. Well, I got to the tailgate at about 10:30 or so and spent a little time meeting and yacking. The layout and energy and food was really cool. More, it was fun to meet the myth that was Whodel, fun to see that TK can actually take a break from surveying our misdeeds and have a good time and of course cool to see the regulars whom I've met once or twice.

It was my plan to tailgate with you for a long while after the game, but the loss drained my soul and I was convinced to leave straight away. To those I missed, I'm sorry.

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