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PFT: Tony Siragusa Pulls a Kinchen (Updated w/Fox Rebuttal)


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Is the end of the "Goose" era at Fox Sports at hand?


Last year, ESPN yanked college football analyst Brian Kinchen, a former NFL player who said that something was "kind of gay" during a game broadcast.

This year, FOX's Tony Siragusa has apparently committed a similar on-air faux pas.

It happened during Sunday's Redskins-Jets game, with 9:23 remaining in the third quarter. Returning from a commercial break, the FOX cameras showed images of a couple of waving kids who apparently were at the game with some of Siragusa's family members. (Previously, there had been banter about the presence of Siragusa's brother at the game.)

So play-by-plan man Kenny Albert says over the shot of the children, "Another look at the Siragusa section. Tony did you pay for those tickets?"

Goose says, "Yeah, I did. I did."

The camera then cuts to an image of a man sitting elsewhere in the stands, and he's wearing some sort of an angel costume, with a wig of long white hair.

And then Goose says, softly but audibly, "That's gay."

(We need to thank the reader who pointed this out. It took a while to find it on the DVR, but find it we did earlier this morning.)

So what should FOX do? Regardless of whether the comment merits termination, it reflects an unacceptable level of stupidity and a lack of restraint. Then again, Siragusa doesn't exactly strike us as a master of discretion, and the folks at FOX kind of knew what they were getting when they opted to put him on the air.

Siragusa's shtick is that he does what he wants to do. Unlike every other man that appears on one of these network football broadcasts, Goose never, ever wears a jacket or a tie. He says what he wants, when he wants, how he wants. (Kind of like, say, Don Imus.) Some people like Siragusa's work if for no reason other than it's different from what everyone else who covers the game does.

But this isn't his first brush with controversy, either.

Three years ago, Siragusa apparently intimated that he thinks quarterback Joey Harrington is gay. "I thought he was a little bit too overconfident," Siragusa said of a pregame meeting with Harrington, who at the time played for the Lions. "Just a different kind of guy. Not a meat-and-potato guy but a very sophisticated man. That's as much as I can go into right now."

Last year, Siragusa was at the center of a childish prank that was played on a Panthers fan, who supposedly won a car during a game aired by FOX. "The car is coming in right now," Siragusa said to the winning fan. "Here it comes. Beautiful. It's white. It's a Porsche."

And then Siragusa handed the guy a toy car.

Among those not amused was FOX Sports chairman David Hill, who personally delivered to the fan the keys to a real Ford F-150 pickup truck.

"I take the reputation of FOX Sports very seriously and I don't want it to be sullied," Hill said.

And that's just the stuff we know about. With a guy like Goose, there's always a chance that there are plenty of behind-the-scenes stories involving details that could constitute violations of one or more company polices.

So regardless of whether Goose's most recent remark would be enough standing alone to get him the Brian Kinchen treatment, the fact remains that Siragusa has a history of saying and doing stupid things on the air -- and there's a chance that he might have crossed the line for the last time.

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In response to an earlier report in this space indicating that sideline reporter Tony Siragusa apparently said "that's gay" in response to an image of a man dressed as an angel during Sunday's Redskins-Jets game, FOX has contacted us to deny that Siragusa uttered such a statement.

FOX Sports spokesman Dan Bell sent us the following e-mail explaining the company's position:

"I enjoy your website and read it frequently. Regarding the story below, I had to email you today and let you know that Tony did not say 'That's gay' during the Redskins/Jets game.

"He said 'There's Kenny,' referring to play-by-play announcer Kenny Albert. I ask you to please listen again closely to that segment. I did over 20 times and I am completely confident that is exactly what he said.

"As you mentioned in your column, we take these accusations very seriously."

We appreciate the clarification, and I'll be firing up the DVR again tonight to listen to it a few more times. I'll do so with an open mind, and if on further review I conclude that he said, "There's Kenny," I'll say so.

Meanwhile, I've asked Bell to explore the possibility of posting the clip on YouTube, so that PFT Planet can make its own decision as to what was said.

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I remember watching ESPN the other week and I believe it was Kenny Main (sp?) who was part of sportscenter the one morning. Some male sports team ( I think basketball) had won and while the team had rushed the court/field he said" and the men were gay", I laughed so hard, it was really funny. I was kind of surprised he said it since we live in a PC world these days; he used it for one of it's dictionary definitions as did the Goose, no? So what is all the excitement about. People use words correctly as defined in the dictionary and we are upset for how they used them correctly?

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anyone watched ESPN last night for the Contender Finals Live... they were showing the corner between the rounds and one of the trainers was getting really into it and said something like "F#@$ing knock him out" loud and they missed beeping that **** out... ESPN crew spent like next two minutes saying sorry about the cussing instead of commenting on the fight. lol

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"He said 'There's Kenny,' referring to play-by-play announcer Kenny Albert. I ask you to please listen again closely to that segment. I did over 20 times and I am completely confident that is exactly what he said.
I just fired up the DVR, and it's really hard to tell what he says. It could definitely be "that's gay," but there seems to be a hard k sound in there, so it sounds kind of like "that's 'kay."

He did say it right as the camera focused on a guy dressed up as a fairy, so it might make sense to say "that's gay" there ... but can the sideline reporter even see the TV feed? Is there a guy with a monitor following him around?

I'm pretty sure nothing will come of this, but the replay is worth watching because about 5 seconds after Siragusa says whatever it is he says, Laron Landry comes blitzing free off the edge and sacks Kellen Clemens for a huge third down stop. :D

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I just checked the origins of the name "Siragusa," in order to see if he could claim any minority status. Turns out, it's Italian, which makes him a caucasian of Southern European descent.

He's screwed.

Do you really wonder why people think your a racist? ;)

Do you think he could get away with saying something was gay if he was black?

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He doesn't bother me. In fact I like his clownish personality. I think him being a former Raven might be influencing some of you guys. ;)

As far as the comment I really wish people wouldn't blow it up. When something looks, seems or sounds ridiculous I say it's gay sometimes. Heck, I work with a lesbian and she uses the word when referring to something stupid. I know of a few gay guys(some freakin muscleheads at that) at the local Gold's gym and it takes a lot more than that to offend them. I think the people who get most offended are far lefties who have a severe case of PC.

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