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PostGameHeroes: Offensive Breakdown Skins vs Jets


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Too bad the Skins can't throw the ball to a WR or this offense might actually work. I'm all in favor or running the ball to set up the play action bombs but we haven't seen any play action bombs. At all. Not only that but the skins don't attack the middle of the field which is a known weakness of the cover 2; coincidentially every team plays cover 2 against the skins.

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Really fantastic stuff--you break down the game in a way that many of us never could. Illustrating the line play underscores how incredible Samuels is...he gets grief sometimes, but he is a great left tackle. I also like the zone-blocking schemes we imploy. One question: can you perhaps breakdown the downfield passing game. At the Jets game on Sunday, it didn't look like our receivers were getting any separation at all. Additionally, when teams go to the cover-2 on us, we don't we attack the seam with Cooley more often? Thanks--

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