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Landry fined for hit on Clemens


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Per NFL.com.

They said Landry was fined for the helmet-to-helmet hit. Landry was fined close to 17,000 dollars. Damn. Apparently he was also fined previously in the Zona game. I didn't see that before.

I personally didn't think that hit was that bad. Or at least not as bad as the sack Landry made later in the game. Anyways, just a piece of Skins news I didn't see posted anywhere. Figure this will give people something else to talk about besides their petty quarrels with a 5-3 team.

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Guys, please, please use the search function. It works if you use one word.

If you had used the word "Landry" you would have see several threads already started on this topic.

I know the search function doesn't work perfectly, but please try to use it in the capacity that it does work.

Thanks in advance. :)

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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