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Campbell ___ up on that. It's ON HIM.

It was not 'catchable by an NFL WR.' It would have been a highlight of 2007 catch. If the play involved anyone NOT named Brandon Lloyd, no one on this board would be calling that ball 'catchable.' That's idiotic.

It's not that we disagree (obviously we do.) It's that you're wrong. Campbell just had to put some air under it and it's a TD.

BTW, even if he catches it, it's not guaranteed he gets in the end zone and knowing how we blew that game, no guarantee we score a TD. If the ball is thrown with ANY air, it's a TD and we're sitting here at 5-1.

I am not saying Campbell could not have done a better job of throwing the ball because he could have however, having said that, Lloyd got both hands on that ball. Both hands. And just finger tips either. He both palms on that ball. An NFL WR who has a $30 million contract and who is trying to prove he should be in the game makes that play. Has to make that play. I have seen highlight real shots of Lloyd making tougher catches than that.

And he would have gotten in the Endzone. He landed in the Endzone as it was without the ball. What makes you think catching it would have made it any different.

The reality is that if this guy wants to play he is going to have to start proving himself and that means hands like flypaper. If he can reach he needs to catch it. Just touching it and falling down is not good enough.

Oh, and as per this ball only being catchable because it was Lloyd...forget it. I would be saying this for any receiver who got that much hand on the ball. I would just be a bit less critical if were Moss or Cooley or ARE because they do make plays. So far, Lloyd has not done a thing in a Redskins uni. Not one thing. He gets no slack as he has earned no slack.

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