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THE OFFICIAL: Carlos Didn't Do Anything Wrong Thread (merged)


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no. Good corners make good plays which is what Rogers did today.

If they made tough cacthes, they'd be WR's.


He made a good jump on that ball, but it was tipped ... most WR's probably wouldn't have caught that one.

Carlos isn't an elite corner yet, but he is solid and has been improving. It's hard to complain about anyone on our defense right now. They're the only reason we have won any games at all.

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Rackers should have been ejected from the game.

Also I caught on the Redskins postgame that a Cardinals player spit in someone's face,, "Chris".. on an XP try,, I assume it was either Samuels or Cooley. I didn't hear the last name,, i was in and out of the car pretty quick.

Seems to me the Cards are the team with no class.


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He misplayed a deep ball to Fitz and dropped an INT, so he did plenty wrong. He made a few good plays too. He's still hit and miss.

The Rackers thing was definitely not his fault. He just made some normal contact and Rackers flipped out because he's a ***** kicker with a Napoleon complex. I would have beat his ass too if I were Carlos.

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I just watched the highlights, there's no way he did anything wrong. He just pushed off of Rackers because he thought Rackers was going to try and block him. Then Rackers ****s his pants over nothing and tries to start something. What a little *****.

That's what I saw. I would have liked to have a better veiw of what happened to Carlos while he was down on the ground. Did any of the other Cards go after him? Could anyone see from where they sat?

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