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WF: Redskins lose heartbreaker to Cards!


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Well, I thought I had watched the game at a local bar, but there TV must have been tuned to an alternated dimension where the skins actually lost. Sure, in this altenate universe the skins played some sloppy ball in the second half (as usual). But, in the end, my team pulled one out! So, I can't wait to get home and get on extremeskins to see other peoples take on the game. But low-and-behold, the skins actually lost! :doh: All I can say is that I need to keep going to this alternate dimension bar instead of the one you all went to where we go 0-16...

But really, a win is a win, as terrible as it may be. Obviously, this was not a game that breeds confidence for the next week. It's obvious the o-line is reeling, but what are the coaches supposed to do. Did they go too conserative the second half? Seemed like the same game plan as the 1st half to me. In fact, it's probably the gameplan I'd hae picked as well. Obviously, the o=line is struggling, but they seemed to be struggling more in the passing game than the running game, hence the run heaviness.

Bottom line: Last week was somehow an easy loss and this week is a hard win :rolleyes: We'll likely be 12-14 point underdogs next week. I still stand by my opinion that we match up against NE better than most, though I'm not quite as confident now as I was 3 hours ago ;)

So heres to a tough win to balance out the tough losses. We are 4-2 with some work to do. Let's keep it that way. We won and it's a good week :cheers:

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