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Pats 42-7 at halftime...Brady has 291 yards...


Will the late TD make a difference?  

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  1. 1. Will the late TD make a difference?

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Pats are a bunch of classless punks. They were obviously trying to run up the score on the Fins in those final seconds of the second half. They even ran a fake spike.

If that would have been Dallas, you would have been beside yourself cheering and saying it's brilliant. If you played classy and let the clock run out, you would be all pissy about it.

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You serious think we are going to stop that?

Nothing in me will try to explain how we could win that game... it ain't happening

There is a chance but they are certainly going to have to play a whole hell lot better. I get the feeling that the Patriots may look pass us.

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I guess we might as well not play it since there is no possible way the Skins could win.

I say we just forfeit now and start gameplanning the Jets.

You should. I'm not kidding. I would seriously bow down and kiss your feet if you're anywhere in the vicinity of the Pats score at the end of the game.

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