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Porter bashes Bucs secondary


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Someone on the Dallas board found this. Unbelieveable.


Porter not impressed by Bucs' secondary

ESPN.com news service

One day after his team got buried in Super Bowl XXXVII, Raiders wide receiver Jerry Porter took some shots at the Bucs' defense.

The timing might be a little strange, considering the Bucs shut down Oakland's high-powered offense in an impressive 48-21 rout. Oakland scored most of its points after Tampa built a 31-point lead.

Porter had four receptions for 62 yards and a touchdown in the loss. Porter also injured his left knee during the game, and will have an MRI later this week.

Despite the Bucs' impressive play in the secondary -- safety Dexter Jackson was named MVP of the game -- Porter had some choice words for the Bucs' defensive backfield.

"I'm not going to sit here and say they're great. I'm not impressed. Their DBs ----," Porter told reporters on Monday. "Across the board, they're awful, but they apply enough pressure up front to where you can't expose them.

"Let me tell you, if Ronde Barber had to cover all day, he'd be living with his brother (Tiki)," Porter added.

Ronde Barber did have a strong postseason for the Bucs, including a game-sealing interception return for a touchdown in the NFC title game against the Eagles.

Porter said the Bucs' cornerbacks are ideal for their cover-2 system, where they aren't required to play much man-to-man.

"Man-to-man, they're not (great)," said Porter. "The only guy who can play man-to-man is Brian Kelly and he's only decent. They're a team that thrives off their pressure."

Ronde Barber, appearing Tuesday on The Dan Patrick Show on ESPN Radio said Porter "is a loser, period."

Oakland quarterback Rich Gannon , under pressure much of the game, threw a Super Bowl-record five interceptions. Jackson picked off two in the first half. Nickel back Dwight Smith also had a pair of interceptions (both for touchdowns), and linebacker Derrick Brooks also scored on an interception return.

It was the pressure on Gannon that led to the picks, Porter says.

"It was astounding," Porter said. "Them boys got it going up front."

After the game, the Bucs compared themselves to the best defensive teams in history. Porter disagrees.

"Hell, no. Hell, no," he told reporters. "The Ravens' defense (in 2000), they were hell against the run. You can run on the Bucs. We just didn't. We didn't because that's not our structure this year. You couldn't run on the Ravens. ... But (against the Bucs), all you have to do is -- it's pretty easy to say now because the game is over -- run the ball."

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The funny thing is this type of sentiment has been stated by opponents of the Bucs before. They are not a very talented secondary. They win because they can generate consistent pass rush up front leaving seven in coverage and taking things away from teams. It is a fundamentally beautiful model more teams, especially OUR team, should try to copy.

The bottom line is if you put Champ Bailey and Fred Smoot on the Bucs defense as it is right now, each might get 20 interceptions a year :). Ok, a little much but the point is sound. When you get pressure up front, it makes your secondary better and that's the formula the Bucs use beautifully.

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Whether or not he has a point, its awfully silly to trash a secondary that scored as many TDs off Gannon's passes as the Raider WRs.

A better way to say the same thing would be to simply compliment the Buc's DL play, and say they are so good they make the whole defense better. But to just come out and say the Buc secondary sucks right after that performance is beyond bad form.

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Originally posted by Art

The funny thing is this type of sentiment has been stated by opponents of the Bucs before.

Coming after a loss in the SB, Porter's comments seem to be those of a 'sore loser' but what he's saying is oh so true.

Rhonde Barber would probably be a special teams player and nickle corner at best if his responsiblilty was to cover man to man all day without all of the pressure the defensive line creates up front. As for the other corners on the Bucs also, John Lynch would also be exposed for his lack of speed.

It all happens on the line of scrimmage, that's were the game is controlled and it effects the linebacker and secondary play.

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If what Porter says is true of the Bucs than it is true of probably 75% of the backfields in the league. Regardless of pressure, I don't think the Bucs are much worse than many and they seem to be better than quite a few.

At least they caught the ball ... how many picks did we drop this year?

I agree, even if he has a point, and I'm not convinced he does, to make that statement seems quite stupid to me. Trashing the guys who just kicked your butt doesn't do anything to make you look better.

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They may not be good man-to-man cover corners, but they can play the HELL out of zone coverage.

Which was all they needed to do to shut the Raiders WRs down. (With help from their great DL, of course.)

Good thing games are decided on the field and not through the press.

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I agree with Porter .

The problem is that not too many teams will commit to the run or throw the ddep ball to take advantage of the Bucs D line and secondary.

Depending on what we add on the O line we should be able to beat up the bucs with our running game if needed and supposedly the Fun and gun is suppose to be able to handle zone blitzes and the cover two.

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Porter comes off looking like a total dumba$$ making these comments after getting blown out, but he's pretty much right. I wouldn't say Barber sucks, but it's Tampa's dline that makes their secondary look so good. Just like the Skins Dline makes their secondary look bad. This is why many of us want to draft a DE and not a WR on the first.

"The bottom line is if you put Champ Bailey and Fred Smoot on the Bucs defense as it is right now, each might get 20 interceptions a year". I disagree Art because Smoot doesn't play cover 2 well. I would agree though that if the Skins had a Dline like Tampa's, that they'd lead the league in pics.

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