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who del is amazing


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Jealously has absolutely 100% nothing to do with it. If you knew me you would know I'm by far not a jealous person:laugh:

Based on the amount of manlove MIA has shown himself to be capable of dishing out I'd take this post with a grain of salt.

Edit/Note to Self: Don't take ten minutes to reply to a post, you've probably already been beaten to it.

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MIA don't be mad just because you didn't get to wrestle Who Del during one of the tailgates like you were hoping. If you're really that upset I'm sure someone can help you make the dream come true. You know you want to.

All are welcome to come an try to beat the "Great One". As long as the Great One doesn't have to go through 5 or more matches of wrestling other people..... Then whodel would have an unfair advantage, but we all know he would go down "no contest" staight up first round.

I'm an equal opportunity lover, I also show woman-love..... take last tailgate (Cards) for instance..... Apparently I'm now a motorboatin son of a *****:silly:

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