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Don't Worry About the Cardinals game.


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The Trend is this.

The Redksins win every game that RalphZero goes to.

1. Redskins Vikings playoff Game 1982 Season.

2. Redskins Cowboys 1982 NFC Championship Game.

3. Vikings Redskins (At Minnesota (Dec-1987))

4. Redskins Giants (1998 Season)

5. Redskins Lions (Oct-2007)

6. Redskins Cardinals (Oct-2007)

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Nice trend! I have been to a toatal of 5 games. Skins are 3-2 at games I have gone to. Have not made it to a home game yet. The worst lost was two years ago in Denver - shelled out a lot of $ to be in the front row on the 40. It was cold, wet and the Skins lost a close one. The best win was also two years ago when Skin fans took over ASU stadium (see sig) to watch the Skins take down the Cards. Enjoy the game - wish I could go!

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