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PA SportsTicker: NFL Power Rankings for Week 7


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October 18, 2007


By Tom Torrisi

PA SportsTicker Pro Football Editor

(Last week's rankings in parentheses)

1. (1) New England Patriots - Headline of last week: Men against 'Boys.

2. (2) Indianapolis Colts - Colts itching to erase memory of beat-down in Jacksonville last year.

3. (4) Jacksonville Jaguars - Little Big Man Maurice Jones-Drew starting to crank it up.

4. (5) Pittsburgh Steelers - Steelers allowing 9.4 points per game.

5. (3) Dallas Cowboys - If there had been any doubt, there's no D in Big D.

6. (7) Baltimore Ravens - Can someone explain how Brian Billick got his rep as an offensive guru?

7. (8) Green Bay Packers - No running game in sight but Koren Robinson is out of jail and back from another suspension.

8. (9) Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Jeff Garcia continues to make believers ... as well as disbelievers.

9. (13) New York Giants - Four October foes a combined 4-19. Only Playboy features more appeal in a calendar month.

10. (14) San Diego Chargers - Norv finally figured it out: Feed LT and good things happen.

11. (6) Seattle Seahawks - Shaun Alexander has that took-the-money-and-run look.

12. (11) Tennessee Titans - Vince Young's hurting, which means one too many doses of Kerry Collins.

13. (15) Denver Broncos - Who cares? The Rockies are in the World Series.

14. (17) Philadelphia Eagles - Philly's offensive problems last week a result of being partially blinded by ghastly Jets throwback uniforms.

15. (18) Carolina Panthers - Return of David Carr may send Vinny Testaverde back to rocking chair.

16. (10) Arizona Cardinals - Kurt Warner believes prayer will heal him. Start praying.

17. (12) Chicago Bears - They've got the wrong Adrian Peterson on their roster.

18. (21) Kansas City Chiefs - Divine intervention? Priest may return Sunday.

19. (23) New Orleans Saints - 1-4 never felt so good.

20. (19) Washington Redskins - Nice "No Mas" by Santana Moss after failing to make a catch and fumbling away the winning TD last week.

21. (20) Detroit Lions - Star WR Roy Williams went to work for Pizza Hut this week, but he did have a few drops.

22. (16) Cincinnati Bengals - Their offense is starting to look like they can't solve their defense.

23. (22) Houston Texans - Houston, we have a problem, and it's the injury to Andre Johnson.

24. (24) San Francisco 49ers - Rumor has it they had a bye last week, but no one can confirm it.

25. (29) Minnesota Vikings - Making Adrian Peterson the backup is brilliant ... maybe it lulls defenses to sleep.

26. (27) Cleveland Browns - Too late for Brady Quinn to petition for another year of eligibility at Notre Dame?

27. (25) Oakland Raiders - Visit from LaDainian sends Raiders from first to worst in division.

28. (28) Buffalo Bills - Trent Edwards to start over J.P. Losman. Educated guess is that ex-Yalie Dick Jauron prefers Stanford pedigree over a Tulane one.

29. (26) New York Jets - Still hanging their helmets on Week Three win over Miami (see below).

30. (30) Atlanta Falcons - Cream rises to the top and Joey Harrington sinks to ... the bench.

31. (31) St. Louis Rams - Making a hard push to take over the No. 32 slot.

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