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Who in the NFC honestly has chance?


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The NFC is as bad as the AFC was from the 1981 to the 1996 season. In 16 seasons the AFC won 1 superbowl (SB XVIII).

Starting in the 1997 season, the AFC has won 8 of that last 10 Superbowls. The two NFC winners were St.Louis and Tampa Bay.

I don't see an NFC team winning the SB for a while.

As far as what NFC team will make it to the SB...

The NFC is so weak, you can't rule anyone at this point.

It's too early in the season. The team who is playing their best in the home stretch.

You can eliminate the Rams and Falcons. However, that's it. Both teams who were in the NFC Championship game last season are having a rough start (Bears and Saints).

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Can't you do this with everyone? How about us?

1) Miami. Needed overtime to beat the worst team in football at home. Need I say more?

2) Philly. Beat a rapidly decaying Philly team.

3) Giants. Blew a huge 2nd half lead.

4) Lions. Beat the most over-rated team in football.

5) Green Bay. Again incapable of playing a complete game.

Aside from the Lions' game - which was marginally impressive - we've been the same old Redskins.

Very Good Post!

Let's not forget about the Redskin's depleted, injured and beat-up O-Line.

This is the reason I am predciting a very very close game this weekend against the under-rated Cardinals.

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well, there are not 6 teams better than the skins in the nfc. at this point, barring more injury, the skins are a playoff team in the NFC for sure. if the o-line can get back together, and we can put up some points, there is nobody in the NFC that we can't beat. and honestly, this is a defense capable of winning the superbowl. not sure if the offense can keep up with the colts or the patriots, who will more than likely be there in the end.

at this point it looks like the cowboys are in, along with GB and the Giants. the playoff seeding should go something like this. this is not who i think is best, but how the seeding will play out.


2.green bay


4. NFC west champion (honestly, who the hell knows?)

5. new york

6. washington

Damn, you have us playing AT TAMPA BAY again!! :laugh:

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to be honest i think redskins are the most complete team in the nfc but not the best

we have a defense and solid running game

just need to get the oline healthy

How could they be the most complete, if their offensive line is awful, they have no depth other than RB position and they are 3-2?

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The Giants??? NO WAY. The Redskins are to blame for the Giants even having a heartbeat. We gave them a game when we could have sent them to 0-3. They would have packed it in a 0-3... but it won't matter. Eli Manning is the most overrated player in the last 50 years, their RB by committee doesn't contain one legitament #1, outside of Plax their receivers are terrible, and their secondary is awful. Manning will throw away at least three games down the stretch with bad decisions and the tougher part of their schedule looms. 8-8 again. I am eager to see how noodle-arm Romo sits to pee and the Boys do against our D, they have been very impressive so far. Defensively, I feel they are overrated, seeing as how they gave-up big points to the only real offenses they have seen so far. GB needed us to hand them the game at their place, so even though I'd root for them against anyone but us because I respect Favre so much, it ain't happening. The truth, we should be the most balanced team in the NFC, but right now we are very inconsistant. The highest paid offensive players coughed-up the ball last week, the highest paid coaching staff in the NFL has been awful in big moments this season. I love Gibbs so much, but there are moments when I wonder if we will be a better squad after he retires. (Though I think he will deserve credit for rebuilding the team because he brought stability, drafted JC, ST, LL, Rocky, etc., and brought in CP, Moss, ARE and two good young kickers). Then again, I was calling for GW's head last season, and now that we gave him some speed on the D he can coach again, go figure. I hate Al Saunders thus far... yes I think JG is handcuffing him, but calling a reverse with an injured WR on a wetfield is idiotic. I also think we need to throw over the middle of the field more, waggle and rollout JC (especially with the line situation) the way we use to w/ Ryp', and take at least one deep shot a quarter (on first down) to keep the opponent honest. My pet peeve with the O is that it has no identity. It looks like a running team for a series or a half, but then might look totally different the next. It's not balance, it is searching. Drives me nuts.

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Right now, I think the top 5 teams in the NFC are the Cowboys, the Giants, The Redskins, the Packers and the Buccaneers in no particular order.

How do you rate them as of this point in the season?

Don't sleep on the Panthers either. I know, I know. Old QB. But if they can get just no mistake production out of the QB they will go a long way in the NFC.

Right now I would say:

1- Cowgirls

2- Gaints

3- Redskins

4- Packers

5- Panthers

6- Bucs

All with a shot to go all the way or miss the playoffs entirely. Go figure. None of them are great, all of them are great enough to win the NFC. :whoknows:

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Take a look at the Giants remaining schedule......

Sunday, 9/98:15 PM ET NBC at DallasL 35-45

Sunday, 9/161:00 PM ET FOX GREEN BAYL 35-13

Sunday, 9/234:15 PM ET FOX at WashingtonW 24-17

Sunday, 9/308:15 PM ET NBC PHILADELPHIAW 16-3

Sunday, 10/71:00 PM ET CBS NEW YORK JETSW 35-24

Monday, 10/158:30 PM ET ESPN at AtlantaW 31-10

Sunday, 10/211:00 PM ET FOX SAN FRANCISCO

Sunday, 10/281:00 PM ET FOX at Miami (London)

Sunday, 11/4 BYE

Sunday, 11/114:15 PM ET FOX DALLAS

Sunday, 11/184:15 PM ET FOX at Detroit

Sunday, 11/251:00 PM ET FOX MINNESOTA

Sunday, 12/24:15 PM ET FOX at Chicago

Sunday, 12/91:00 PM ET FOX at Philadelphia

Sunday, 12/168:15 PM ET NBC WASHINGTON

Sunday, 12/231:00 PM ET FOX at Buffalo

Saturday, 12/298:15 PM ET NFLN NEW ENGLAND

-They should be 6-2 heading into their bye week. They host a struggling SF team this week which they should desmantle, then they play some wacky game over in London vs. the soon-to-be winless Dolphins.

-The bye gives them two weeks to prepare for a home game vs. the Cowpies.

-After all that they play a couple of one-dimentional teams in the Lions (all offense) and the VIkings (all run defense, no pass defense).

-Chicago is looking like a very 'beat-able' team right now.

-Finally, they hit a rough patch on their schedule...two divisional opponents that they have already beaten (@ Philly then home vs. the Skins)

-@ Buffalo...:laugh:

-Then they get a gift of a game to close out the season playing against a Pats team that will be likely sitting most of their starters in preparation for the playoffs.

Damn, those two NFC losses look huge now.

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