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NFC East Final standings


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I know itis early and there is quite a bit of season left but the way the Cowboys and Giants are playing I think it is realistic to think third place is where we will finish in the standings.

I know the Homers will bash me but the Giants schedule and our injuries do not look great.

What is your relistic prediction?

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I know itis early and there is quite a bit of season left but the way the Cowboys and Giants are playing I think it is realistic to think third place is where we will finish in the standings.

I know the Homers will bash me but the Giants schedule and our injuries do not look great.

What is your relistic prediction?

the giants are a real good team. i think we can compete but the injuries have me worried.

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Here is a look at our remaining schedule:

[W] 10/21 vs. Cardinals 1pm ET FOX

10/28 @ Patriots 4:15pm ET FOX

[W] 11/4 @ Jets 1pm ET FOX

11/11 vs. Eagles 1pm ET FOX

11/18 @ Cowboys 1pm ET FOX

[W] 11/25 @ Buccaneers 1pm ET FOX

[W] 12/2 vs. Bills 1pm ET CBS

[W] 12/6 vs. Bears 8:15pm ET NFL Network

12/16 @ Giants 8:15pm ET NBC

[W] 12/23 @ Vikings 1pm ET FOX

12/30 vs. Cowboys 1pm ET FOX

Everything I have marked as a "W', I truly believe the opposition will struggle to win 10, these are games that we SHOULD win.

Even if we just pull these off, we would be 9-7....

I think we will also take out the Eagles, get revenge on the Giants, and split the Cowboys series.

This would put us at 12-4, not too far of a stretch is it?

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I like Rdskn4lyf's optimism... no game is a gimme tho- I prefer to take one game at a time... do the best we can with what we have, which is a real good team, barring injuries, i.e OL I think we can compete with any team in the nfc,I think we need to bring are game up another level to compete with the Colts or Pats tho- I would love to see that again.. God I miss the good ole days

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Well. Hello third place.

Expecting help from the Falcons is like the Germans expecting help from the Italians in North Africa.

God they suck balls. No defense. No offense. They catch about as good as we do.

We cant realy worry about other teams. We need to take care of our own Biz and we will be fine.
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If you take a look at our schedule, if we ONLY beat the medicore teams, that gives us 8 wins.

I consider the Tampa Bay game a swing game, because I don't think The Bucs suck, but I feel we are a better team and SHOULD win.

So including a win over the Bucs along with the medicore teams we play, that gives us 9 wins, and this year that should be enough for the playoffs.

Now, if we beat the Eagles again, and split with the Cowboys, that is 11 wins.

We never play well in the Meadowlands, so I am going to assume we lay an egg again, and come out with a dissapointing loss.

So, I think 11-5 is a possibility, but there are some variables, which could leave us at 9-7.

This team is capable of that 9-7 finish at the bare minimum. Looking at our remaning schedule, anything less than 9-7 is not acceptable and would be a very big dissapointment.

Even if somehow 9-7 leaves us out of the playoffs, I would say 9-7 is a big improvement.

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I am really as a fan very frustrated. We all remain loyal to this team and look at the standings we are back almost in last again. We should be 5 and 0 and with 2 losses now it feels already like the season is slipping by.

Damn this is frustrating as hell. Why can't these coaches let these guys play a full 4 Qtrs without getting in their way.

Let Campbell play. Run plays that Portis likes instead of slow developing plays that look like they are designed to lose 3 yards.

What can't we run play action down near the goal line like the good teams inside the 10 yard line like the Giants, like Dallas, like GB, like NE, etc....

Don't tell me we don't have the QB because he sure as hell sells the play action as good as anyone and you have to respect his running ability so he should be able to freeze the kinebackers and find someone open in the back of the end zone.

How come we have to run this jumbo package when everyone is so tightly lined up that it looks like the play has no chance to suceed unless it is that quick shot of Sellers up the middle.

Why can't our coaches look around the league and use some of the stuff that works. Come on Joe I love you and want you to win as much as the next fan but some of the "JUMBO PACKAGES" that worked in the 80's don't work now.

Al Saunders where are the pitch plays that Priest Holmes used to run to perfection with the Chiefs? I see in once in while and then we don't go back to the play that works. We try in a different way and it gets stopped. Why can't we run the same play that works until the defense stops it.

Stop with the god damn reverse that does nothing and is going to get Moss and Randel-El killed. Let Campbell play and let Campbell run the 2 minute drill without getting in his way. Let him call the plays in the 2 minute drill and use the timeouts as he sees fit. Hmmmm didn't he call that play against Carolina last year to Cooley. Yes he did so can we start showing just a little bit of trust in the players instead of coaching and playing like we are hanging on for dear life in every game.

It is not surprsing that we keep blowing these leads because we are coaching like we tare his dominant team from the 80's that we will just man handle the other team and it doesn't work that way. New England plays a full 60 minute game as a prime example. Yes I know they are good but they are good and agressive for a full 60 minutes. Passing all the way to the end to generate first downs and not 3 straight running plays like they are scared as hell of the other team coming back.

It demoralizes a team when you show no confidence in them and then it's no surprise stupid penalties and turnovers happen when you play scared and nervous.

Finally can someone give these guys an XBOX to practice a few 2 minute scenario drills because unless your going to trust Campbell to make all the calls in the 2 minute drill our coaches really need some test runs late in the game because there clock management is borderline a horror show.

Can we also understand that every now and then taking a 5 yard delay of game is better than burning all of our timeouts. We sure as hell get enough false starts so if we can over come 5 yards false starts penalties we can handle 5 yard delay of game penalties because sometimes is better than using 1 or 2 timouts each half.

Also how come Bret Favre, Eli Manning, Peyton Manning, Romo sits to pee and many other QB's can call a play and come to the line and seem to have enough time to call 7 more plays but we seem to always be rushing to get a basic play off. Come on Joe we need to tighen up a few things here.

From One Frustrated fan!!!!

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I've done my share of bashing unrealistic assessments, but I think we could finish second in this division. The Giants are not that good of a team. THey may finish above us, but we could and should beat them. Not saying we will.

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