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Sagarin's NFL Ratings, Week 6

Mark The Homer

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One nice thing about Sagarin's system is it comes out pretty quick. Of course, this doesn't include the MNF game tonight.

Redskins are still in the top ten! They dropped from 8th to 10th. They're 8th in PURE POINTS and 13th in ELO CHESS which combines to rank them 10th over all. The Redskins have a losing win-loss record vs top ten teams, but so does everybody in the NFC East.

Cowboys are still 4th, even after the loss.

Giants are 11th and will probably bump the Redskins with a win tonight.

Eagles are still 12th: 10th in PURE POINTS and 17th in ELO CHESS.

Cardinals are 25th. They're 3-3, but their schedule difficulty so far is 29th in the league.

According to Sagarin's system, Redskins are favored by just barely under 10 points Sunday.


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