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Now we are suppose to feel bad for the cowgirls...


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I agree. I can't believe some people are actually making a big deal of them scoring "more than their suppose to." You know how dumb that sounds? The game is over when the clock reahces ZERO and not when someone says "ok now your just being mean." **** that, they deserved to get as many points as they could score until the clock says 0:00.

LOL...no kidding. Puke homers are the biggest vaginas. If they won they'd have done the same thing. I mean, what is NE supposed to do? Just take a knee to 4th down and let the pukes take it instead? :doh: When you run the ball there is only so far you can go until you get to the goal line. Someone should have told the pukes to play better defense LOL!:silly:

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Sad thing is, is if it was Gibbs, he would've kneeled. The killer instinct is what I like. Difference between what Belichick and the Pats did was they ran the ball and when South Carolina was beating Kentucky 38-23, Spurrier was still throwing the ball until the last second. What Spurrier did was try to run up the score and humilate his opponenet.

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