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Redskins Defensive Rankings (woot) - MERGED


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Wow. We are amazing. Our offense would be pretty damn good too without all these injuries to our line. It's no coincidence that once Thomas and Jansen went out our run game started to suffer.

I agree. I hope that Thomas can come back though. That would be a hella boost to the line. But that won't be until later on. Hopefully we can manage without them for the time being. Practice with the backup line so they can form a bond and play well together.

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There is no way that we are ahead in every category. Plenty of teams have more turnovers, and better TOP. However, I have no doubt that if our offense was better, our defense would be the BEST in the NFL

Ok I lied. The only category we aren't ahead of is TOP allowed which Philly leads, and rush ypg allowed which Minnesota leads.

the REST are ALL Redskins!

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Our D is easily the best in the NFL. I hope we kill the Cards and go into Foxboro with load of confidence.

I don't know why, but I have a feeling we will upset the Pats. I just do.

Seriously? I'm going to that game with a bunch of my buddies who are all Pats fans. If we win one game in my lifetime...I hope its this one!

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Henry, Henry, Henry. What I have told you about reading Peter King? :)

If that hold on Daniels was "questionable," I'm Tinkerbell. Only reason Favre gets rid of the ball in the first place is Daniels can't break the hold.

Someone seriously needs to produce a .gif of that play to post on this board and cc to Mr. King.

Did Peter King say that wasn't a hold?

That big jerk. :)

My only point is that if the league is going to keep official stats, and we're going to invest so much time and interest in analyzing them, seems to me they might as well try to keep them right. :)

Someone last week posted the Aikman ratings, which factors in something like seven different things, not just yardage. We were third of fourth on that list last week, defensively. I'd be interested to see how we fare this week as well.

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