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Let's not overlook the Packers


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I don't start threads often, but I feel I have some perspective that can be added after today's game.

Disclaimer: I've seen every Pack game this season. My wife is a die hard Packer fan (I know, but it's her problem). The only conflicting game this year was the first one and we switched back and forth between the Skins and Pack, while watching mostly Skins. On top of this, today was actually our first anniversary. There was no one looking forward to this game in my house.

Okay, now that that's over with, I just want to say with the unique perspective of having watched both these teams play this season, that we just lost to a good team. Albeit, we had every chance to win it, and handed it to them. But never-the-less, that wasn't a bad team we just got beat by. It's very hard to win on the road, especially in that Stadium.

We came as close to giving a game away as you can, but rest assured that many Philly fans probably said the same thing after week 2, and the Pack fans sure said it last week.

The inconsistency we're so used to is still there, but that's what you see in the NFL almost across the board these days. I would venture to say without opening the history books that in the past a game like this would have given the win to a team that was average to below average. Well today, it was to a team that is good and stuck around all day waiting for their chance. We'll be that team sometimes this year as well. You can count on it.

With a little luck, and some health we have the kind of team that should be rolling late in the season. Take a look at the schedule. There aren't too many teams in the second half of our schedule that aren't beatable. But this team won't beat them if we all jump off the bus now. Let's wait it out and give this team 16 full weeks of football before we send out the firing squad.

Just so you know, I'm not generally an optimist after a loss. Particularly a loss like this (I generally won't talk to anyone and am close to breaking valuable items), but I have also never seen so much of both teams before. I also am trying to keep this relatively short, so I'm not giving any reasons on why I wasn't super optimistic heading into this game.

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I picked this to be a loss and looked like a negative Nancy all week. Apparently, it was realistic. GB is good, probably about equal to us...maybe better....maybe worse. Hard to tell. We did everything possible to lose and we did. A great team wouldn't have even let us stick around like we did.

All that matters now is next week, and we're playing the Cards at home. I like our chances.

PS: A Packer fan and a Redskin fan in the same household in Costa Rica? What are the odds? :laugh:

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This was a winnable game, but it was only winnable if we played well. We didn't play well, so not suprisingly, we lost. Actually, I was surprised that the packers played as badly as they did. This game was far more winnable than I thought it would be. Despite all the dropped passes, costly fumbles, and poor game management, we only needed 3 points for most of the 2nd half and we couldn't get them...

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I just want to add that there are a lot of people on these boards who are always complaining that we don't get enough credit in the media. I admit to being guilty of this sentiment in the past.

Well, last week I only saw two mediots pick against us, and one was Sterling Sharpe who basically admitted he was only picking the Pack because that's his team. I didn't check every single one of their picks, but what I saw was overwhelmingly Skins.

Let's forget about any love, and be happy to have an opportunity to sneak up on people. The games are not played out in the media. All that does is give bulletin board fodder to the other team. And in this case it was a home team.

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It's important for people to realize that the NFL is all about parity. There might be 2 teams (NE & Indy) that can blow most everyone out, but outside of them it's all up for grabs every week.

Those next 10-15 teams can win or lose against each any week. A couple bounces is generally all it takes in today's NFL.

Barring anything crazy we should be in the thick of it for the duration this season. And what's crazy about that is how busted we are on the line right now.

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