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this isn't a knee jerk thread,seriously we need to draft O&D lineman in the 08 draft


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I'd prefer D-line be addressed first and O second, but still an o-lineman within rounds 1-3 so we get a better chance at a quality guy.

not to knock our current D-line, they're playing good football right now but we could really use a dynamic type player in the middle or at LE to put us us truely over the top,preferably LE. I think our DT rotation is very solid at the moment.but behind Philip Daniels who is 34, we don't have anyone. Demetric Evans is a good backup/sub player but can be flatout dominated by good O-lineman.

I think we have some truely good O-lineman here but it's a true shame at how this situation has turned out. they are getting long in the tooth though and sadly injury prone. not a knock on toughness but on just luck. randy thomas and jon jansen are both tough SoB's but have missed signifigant time the last 2/4 seasons.

we go from this in week 1

LT-chris Samuels

LG-Pete Kendall

C-Casey Rabach

RG-Randy Thomas

RT-Jon Jansen

to this in week 7 (my expected lineup expecting rabach and wade don't go, rarely will a groin injury be healed in 1 week)

LT-Chris Samuels

LG-Pete Kendall

C-Mike Pucillo

RG-Rick DeMulling (was a street FA week1)

RT-Jason Fabini(shifts over to tackle)

in a good LE I'd look for a guy who is at the least decent against the run, we don't need any of these 245 pound glamorized rush LB's . Andre Carter is solid against the run.he'll get run on sometimes but he can also flash and dominate in the run at times to.

Cornelius griffin is in his 05 form right now,if he can make it through the season unscathed he could be improve for 08. but should he fall injured as he has a knack for doing,again a tough guy with horrible injury luck, we might need to invest that 1st rounder in a DT.

Age+Injuries+high cap numbers= cut

this could apply for philip daniels to,I respect griffin and daniels alot for the pain they play through but this game is also a buisness and sometimes you just gotta go.Daniels is a warrior

in a DT we'd want a guy that can penetrate/crush the pocket and beat the double team,and also be a force against the run. think a Kevin Williams type. kevin williams plays for the vikings,the guy is an absolute terror and has had 2 10+sack seasons playing at DT.

our 4 man rush out of our base D is below average, the 3rd down 4 man rushes are different and only good because we have MW at LE and P.Daniels at DT with C.Griffin and Carter. For the most part that 3rd down crew is good but we can't keep doing that. Chris Wilson played for MW today on 3rd downs and while he is big and athletic his pass rush is underwhelming,normally getting neutralized by the RT. right now the D-line is getting the job done but don't lie to your self there is HUGE room for improvement

just my thoughts

I think we definately need to grab some quality guards early in the 08 draft. pete kenall is a good one but randy thomas has had awful luck thus far.

I like our tackle depth once we get out of this injury riddled season,but we could take one on day2.

just my thoughts and feel free to criticize/praise


those that dislike my thread and post in it will only make me laugh as your wasting your time.

yeah I know it's a very long time til the draft but unless somthing dramatic happens were on our way to a 7-9 to 10-6 tops type season.

redskisn needs

O-line,mainly OG,but OT picks won't hurt either.

WR,everyone and their mother knows lloyd is gone

LE-Philip Daniels is getting older and can't pressure the QB like he used to

DT-Cornelius Griffin is getting older and has been injury prone and has an inflating cap number.

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The problem now is we really need more players than we have picks. By a long shot.

In a perfect world, we'd draft 3-4 OL, another DT, two DEs, a CB to replace Springs or Rogers, we still need another young QB, receivers. These injuries go from making you think you're set at OL for a few years, to thinking, Samuels aside, it may be time to rebuild it. Jansen, Wade, Thomas, Rabach, Heyer. . .Man oh man.

To say nothing of WR. Optimistically assuming Moss gets it together, you have him and ARE. We could easily draft 3 WRs if talent was available once Lloyd cut. . .

Let's hope Heyer isn't majorly busted up. He was looking like a major steal. . .

You really wonder how much of it is bad luck, and if conditioning, especially greater emphasis on flexibility, might prevent. Get these boys doing some Yoga!

You had hoped we might go big WR and LDE with first two picks, if the OL had basically been healthy, but now it makes it much tougher. The tough thing too is how to phase the really good old guys out on OL if you choose to rebuild. Or do you let Jansen & Thomas come back, stand pat with Kendall, fill all the other voids, then draft mad-capped OL the next year with high picks, looking only for mid and late round gems in this years draft?

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Griffin is not going to be that stud you saw in 04 ever again. The injuries have taken their toll on his body. I'm not saying we should cut him but I think he should be relegated to backup duty so that he can be more effective and he will better avoid injuries. I think we need to pick up a penetrator at DT who is also good against the run. Guys I like are Dre Moore and Kendall Langford.

Daniels also has to go. This guy does not really get any pressure. He has had one good play this season, which was that forced fumble against Detroit. He is old and has not come through on his promise to play better this season because of his training program. I think we have to use our first rounder on one of the talented DEs like Lawrence Jackson. Jackson and Carter together would produce a consistent enough pass rush from the edges in a base 4-3

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For linemen, I would look at them primarily in Day 2. Samuels should stay elite for at least a couple more years, Kendall has another year left and will probably be replaced by Jansen in 09. We need to look for small school guys with good measurables who Bugel can mold into starting caliber players by the time they hit years 3 and 4, which is when much of our current OL will be gone.

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4 injuries on the OL (Wade, Rabach, Thomas, Jansen) is a lot for ANY team to recover from, because you can only suit so many players in a game (and they lost 2 OL in this game) and you were already stretched having lost 2 starters to injury and then losing one of the replacements (Wade isn't a starter). So you lost a backup player in the 2nd quarter. Our offense really sputters in the 2nd half.

Stuff happens. Not saying, that's why we lost - obviously the fumble was an unfortunate play and with our D, the O needs to play without mistakes if they can't score at will or in crunch time, neither of which they've shown an ability to do with anything remotely approaching consistency (Giants and Packers came down to it).

In general I think we need better OL, although I think this year our OL is one of the strongest its been recently in terms of depth and quality of depth. It's just how well we can do midseason with all these injuries... ugh

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You had hoped we might go big WR and LDE with first two picks, if the OL had basically been healthy, but now it makes it much tougher. The tough thing too is how to phase the really good old guys out on OL if you choose to rebuild. Or do you let Jansen & Thomas come back, stand pat with Kendall, fill all the other voids, then draft mad-capped OL the next year with high picks, looking only for mid and late round gems in this years draft?

i still think that we need to pick up a defensive lineman in the first round. i would love if we could get a guy like glenn dorsey out of lsu if we go tackle or calais campbell out of miami if we go end. those guys might be a little to high for us to get though.

i think that the front office is going to see the importance of depth after this situation. thomas, jansen, and kendall all still have a couple of years left in them. remember, jansen and thomas arent being sidelined by nagging injuries that are a result of being injury prone. they have serious injuries that dont happen very often. i think that we should use our first on defensive line and the second and third on getting some offensive line help as well as a sixth or seventh.

as far as the wide reciever and corner go, dont forget that there is also free agency to try to pick one up. im not saying break the bank but if we can re-sign macklin after the season and bring in another mid level, non expensive guy, we can get through next year at corner. same with reciever. we just need a big possession reciever, not an expensive big name.

it probably wouldnt be a bad idea for the front office to explore trade opportunities not only for other players but for draft picks.

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I really really hope they give Lloyd, Caldwell and McCardell more reps at WR. We need to find THREE WRs that can catch the ball when called upon and given a decent throw. Otherwise I really feel a first or second round WR coming. after that we need Oline and maybe a DL

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Congratulations. You make about the 12th person here that says every year we should draft for line depth. And every year we trade picks away for Archulettas's and think about the lines last.

ALthough I do have to say I've never seen a O-line as busted up as ours is this year.

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You always like to have depth until you have to use it

Clearly a guard needs to be drafted this year. That'll give us a future tackle in Heyer and a future guard in whomever

Rabach has plenty of years left. Randy Thomas will play at least another 2 years at a high level

But a guard in particular is needed, and probably another late round lineman who can play both guard and tackle

The d-line we need to draft another DT and another DE. So hopefully this year the team comes out with 3-4 lineman on both sides of the ball, preferably 2 of them on the first day

A WR and CB will be needed as well

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I like our O-line if healthy but definately need some depth there from the draft and definately need to get some help on the D-line.

Shawn Springs is probably gone after 07 so our coverage ability will take a hit.

coverage and pass rush go hand in hand and the cover I'd say is contributing about 75%.

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springs will be gone next year, and we will add another CB to replace him (wouldnt surprise me to see asomugha from the raiders).

we need:

DT/DE - this should be our first pick

Oline (best available guys, because our dudes are getting old) - we need two olineman

tall WR (somebody to compliment our speedy guys) - just one of these guys

thats about all i can see.

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I would try and keep portis at a limited salary but allow him to reach the same pay based on performance esculators,same for cornelius griffin.

Marcus Washington is safe.

see if springs would do a pay cut,but within that paycut also put a no trade clause and guarentee more money.So he might actually take it....

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