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Ok Brady now has top notch WR's Who's the best QB?


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Brady. Not close. Never has been.

Agree 100%

Manning is a lot more fun to watch, but NOONE has ever done as much with less than Tom Brady, and his stats now that he has competent wideouts are STAGGERING.

Brady won a championship with almost no running game, whereas Peyton fell flat and got Mora fired the year Edgerrin James got injured.

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I'm sorry, the people who said Manning are ridiculous.

BTW, Brady was a sixth round pick who came in during the, what 5th? game and then promptly won a SB in his second year. This was a team that was well on its way to a losing season before then.

As for defense, we see what a championship level defense does if you don't have a great performance from the offensive side. Oh, and if Manning could lead the Colts to score so many points during the season, how is it he so often failed to do so during the playoffs--

Didn't the Colts lose by 41 points to the Jets in the playoffs? At what point is the offensive leader responsible for at least SOME offensive production, when he wasn't having a problem with it during the regular season??

Give me a break with this Peyton stuff. Brady could win 8 super bowls and some geniuses who get enamored with stats don't look at the games and the crucial moments and how the player delivers.

Even though I agree Brady is better Michigan fans do not have the right to vote in this thread with their personal bias ;)

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I can't believe people still argue this. Brady. Hands down. Always has been. Hell, even with Peyton winning one he didn't exactly put up strong numbers. If the Bears had a half decent QB they probably would have won that game. And to think that Manning has 2 more in him is absurd. The Colts window is starting to close.

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