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Thankyou, santana and carlos rogers


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say what you want folks but santana hasnt been much lately and he basically gave the game away. As for rogers, he continues to get beaten and making us look bad, his high point against the lions, was in garbage time. Sick of the little mistakes, santana's head isnt even in the game anymore. Frustration sets it, Defense was GREAT as expected, campbell, great, portis good game but coughed up his weekley fumble. They say "one player wont win/loose a game", you all tell me.....

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Dude, our defense held the respectable Packers offense to ten points. Seven of these were on a play that was partly Rogers' fault, but Landry should have been there to protect deep (he seemed to give up on the play) and McIntosh was fooled by the play action fake.

Meanwhile, Moss couldn't catch a SINGLE pass despite Campbell being on the money pretty much the whole game, and he single handedly gave the Packers the game more or less by fumbling away a touchdown and handing them an interception when we were near FG range.

Pathetic game for Moss and a troubling fumble for Portis, yet the defense (Rogers included) gave our horrific offense a chance.

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They say "one player wont win/loose a game", you all tell me.....

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