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I read what I wrote -- I apologize to those who graduated from University of Miami. I'm sure it is a fine school. Many of you are solid, outstanding citizens.

But frankly, I'm tired of the hype -- Taylor, Portis, etc -- they need recognize that this is the NFL and that it's not about their individual talent -- it's about the team and deportment in the NFL. I'm against 'gangsta' ettiquette -- and any normal person should be too.

IMO, Portis has not shown anything since 2004 -- he's now an average -- and unreliable -- running back. Taylor, a talented DB, still shows that he doesn't have the maturity to avoid those penalies that puut his team in the hole. The papers and media are full of incidents of Miami players in legal trouble. In short, Miami grads present a lot of liabilities, and it's hard to balance their assets against this.

So, maybe, there's a little support for when I say . . . the "U" ...sucks!!

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in I don't know how long. There's so much to critique in that 2nd half (and I'm not going to get into it all now), but for starters.....tell me again why we didn't attempt a 49 yard field, down 3 with under 7 minutes left? I don't think I've yet recovered from that decision. The rest of the game is kind of a blur of ineptitude bordering on hilarity, but mentally I still keep coming back to that decision on 4th and 2 from the Packers 32 with 6:48 to play, IN A 3 POINT GAME. I mean, this is PRO football, correct? In pro football, with PRO FOOTBALL KICKERS, you kick that field goal, Joe. This is not even really worth debating. Unless there's an injury (of which I'm unaware) to our kicker - OUR PRO FOOTBALL KICKER, you kick that field goal, Joe. You at least try it. Every time. Every. Frigging. Time.

I still just can't get my head around that decision. And it's just the tip of the iceberg in this game. (Defense was phenomenal, it should be stated.) No excuse for sooooo many things I saw in that second half. I'm just plain disgusted. And I'm usually pretty even keeled. But this one has just blown a gasket somewhere in my head. I'm livid. Santana Moss should surrender his paycheck this week.......I have to stop. I could go on and on and on. I know you could to. I don't really remember ever feeling like I don't even want to see them play next week. But right now, I just want the Redskins to get out my sight for a few days. I'm gonna go take a shower. Maybe that'll help.

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