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To give credit for that game is just stupid, when in Gibbs 2nd tenure (all I have been old enough to see, wont talk about his hall of fame past) have you seen him be that aggressive? What, never? yea I know. If your going to give credit, give it where it is due to Saunders, the only thing Gibbs can be credited for is finally allowing someone were paying millions to do there thing. As far as the D goes, you sit here and credit williams as if he is some sort of God, ever think about the fact that all the Lions can do is throw the ball, and that hey our secondary is all top 10 picks. I would hope that 4 men drafted in the top 10 of the nfl draft could stop any receiving core in the league (which they did prove). Our D-line finally stepping up, you feel this is due to Williams? Must have been has great scheme on that line that just threw detroit off, didnt have anything to do with another guy we pay millions finally doing what he is paid to do. The credit that williams does deserve is he has made some great personnel changes picking up Fletcher and Landry. Please start crediting these players for execution and not for William's great cover 2 scheme that he along with the rest of the coaches in the nfl copied off of tampa bay. This post sounds extremely negative I just dont think that Gibbs and the rest of the coaching staff deserve as much credit as they have been getting, but I do feel some blame falls on them for holding back our players. Just for an example anyone notice Campbell was finally calling audibles at the line?


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How dare he let this team manhandle the Lions like that! Does this man not have any decency?

His playcalling is horrible. Did you see all the aggressive playcalling? What kind of coach does that? He could have lost us the game with that nonsense!

We should get rid of Gregg Williams too. He's pushing the poor guys on the defense too far. He's overworking these players! They're not that good either. Did you see the field goal that Detroit got on us? The defensive coaching staff is slacking. A decent defense would have stopped the field goal. That could have been the nail in the coffin for the game!

And do you know what's going to happen this Sunday? Gregg Williams is going to be a bully and let the D beat up on a defenseless guy that's about a million years old. I'm sick of this crap. The Redskins will probably win because our coaching staff just SUCKS!


:laugh: Is this the reverse karma thread??? :laugh:

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I'm glad we won, but this is still the easy part of our schedule.

We SHOULD be 5-1 going into New England game.

I beg to differ, this is the NFL, there is no "easy part" ask the Cowboys. The teams that we beat, except maybe the Dolphins, who are going through tough times right now, can beat any team on any given day. If we can get by the Packers this week and 'zona next week, I think that we would have played and beaten very good teams even before we play the Pats.

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