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Injury Report & Transcripts - Williams & Portis Thursday 10/11


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Best part was Williams on Smoot:

"We had to manufacture our own distractions today. We like to have organized chaos in practice and have to battle through distractions. We have crowd noise everyday when Fred's here, so we didn't have that today, we had to manufacture our own."

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I like this quote:

"It’s whatever we can do to do the best job of slowing them down. Part of that, as a team, and I think what somewhat goes unnoticed is how Coach Gibbs is managing and keeping the whole thing together"

A big part of the success and/or failure of a team is how well the coach holds it together for how ever long it takes to get things going. Everyone expected it to be a quicker turn around. I bet the players did too. It goes to the leader that Gibbs is that he held it together until he could get the culture changed and the winning starting.

Edit: It is no small accomplishment that he's changed the entire makeup of the organization. It has a completely different feel, and it is beginning to be noticed. Winning accomplishes much of this, but without fixing a lot of internal broken parts, the winning never comes. We still have a ways to go. Have to stop the stupid mistakes and continue to be agressive, but even if Gibbs doesn't get us to the SB, we are on our way and he's successfully righted the ship, IMO.

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