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Every Play Counts: The Redskins’ D


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Every Play Counts: The Redskins’ D


By Michael David Smith

In 2005, the Washington Redskins rode a very good defense — fourth in the league, according to DVOA — to the playoffs. Coordinator Gregg Williams had his unit attacking like his mentor, Buddy Ryan, used to do, and things were looking up in Washington.

And then last season, disaster struck. The Redskins dropped down — way, way down, all the way to 32nd in the league in defensive DVOA. The personnel (especially safety Adam Archuleta, a free-agent addition) didn’t seem to fit Williams’ schemes, and the Redskins were one of the league’s most disappointing teams.

Now that 2005 Redskins defense is back. DVOA now ranks the Redskins’ defense fourth overall, fourth against the pass and seventh against the run. The Redskins are 3-1 and looking like a playoff team again.

So what happened? To find out, I watched the Redskins’ defense on every play of their 34-3 demolition of the Detroit Lions. The whole defense is sound, but the front four — especially against the weak Lions offensive line — was absolutely amazing.

First, defensive end Andre Carter is a beast. Last year he signed a six-year, $30 million free-agent contract with the Redskins, and although he started all 16 games, most observers thought he failed to live up to that contract. This year he’s looking like he’s worth every penny — and, given the market rate for defensive ends these days, he may even be underpaid.

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Single most said thing on extremeskins...

"I tried a search but it wasnt working."

Instead of doing a search...follow what he said up there...If its more than a couple hours old its already been posted...

If you dont see it on the first page, thats because its old and everyone has already read and commented on it.

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With one of the best defensive lines in the league,

Did I read that right. In five weeks, the Redskins went from one of the worst D-lines in the league to one of the best, without changing a single player?

I'm so confused right now.

How could so many "experts" be so wrong? :doh:

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