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Sellers Injury Status: Anything new?


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MODS: I did a search before I posted this and didn't see anything come up. Apologies if this has already bee posted :D

I'm pretty sure that I read somewhere that Sellers was limited in practice again because of a heel injury. I know he played against the Lions, but this thing seems to be nagging. Anyone have an update on this?

I think it really hurts us if he can't play this week. I'm pretty confident he'll be out there, but I still worry. Talk about a HUGE dropoff from first to second string at FB. Plus who doesn't love to see Big Mike drop the hammer on someone every Sunday?


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What happened to Marcus? I see he is limited and I know he has that elbow injury, but I didnt know it was nagging him. Is that his problem?

is ARE out for Sunday?

He pulled a hamstring last game and thats been bothering him all this week. He might not be able to play. I feel so bad for Marcus he had such a rough year last year and going into training camp he was fresh, healthy, and focused for a big year. Then in pre-season he has the elbow problem now this hamstring problem. Just think if he was 100% our defense would be even nastier than it is.
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Every victory keeps bringing more injuries for us.

If we hit 10 wins, we might be asking for volunteers from the audience.

There are several teams much worse off than us, though. The Bills for one, and the Colts had to play without practically half their talent last weekend, although somebody apparently forgot to tell them that.

As for FB second string, Cooley can fill in at that position since its what he played in college.

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