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So...what exactly is a "packer"??


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It is the meat thing. My old boss has a meat packing plant there. It's true, I swear. I guess back in the day they had alot of meat packing and shipping there. Randolph Packing Sausage. That's his label, but he actually makes sausage for all the big sausage makers and they put their lable on it. Uhhhh, Jimmy Dean, etc. He actually used to make those little sausage balls that went on pizza hut pizza. (someone sewed him for something and he told them to **** off) Not Johnsonville though, they are the comp.

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Looks like patriots fans are looking ahead to us, hmmmmm? (trollin' are we?)
Don't worry, their probably just spying.:patriotsu

No no no....

Think about who the Patriots play this weekend...

Edit: And just for clarification, this is a perception vs. reality thread. Wasn't really asking a real question :)

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