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Anyone know if ARE or Moss practiced today?


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Santana practiced fully and everyone seems of the same mind that he will play Sunday (imagine that!).

Sellers, Daniels, Marcus Washington and Randle El did not practice. Gibbs said they all could progress through the week and Sellers in particular seemed precautionary. As for Randle El, Gibbs said "hopefully we'll have a miracle there and he can get healed up," and Randle El says he plans on playing, but that seems questionable at best for now.

The team is preparing for Daniels not to be able to go, and when I asked about Marcus's progress Coach Joe said he doesn't talk about injuries anymore (this 2 minutes after speaking specifically about Randle El's situation).

So there you have it. Since Bubba said Marcus's hamstring is worse than Randle El, and Joe says it will take a "miracle" for Antwaan to play, guess it would take an even grander act for Marcus to play. If that logic makes sense.

Marcus has been known to play through anything and a hammy can be worse for a WR than any other position, so we have to figure that in, too. All of this is going to go down to the end of the week and maybe game day.

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Anyone else besides me think this is Marcus last year in Washington? I mean, don't get me wrong, I don't want him to go, but he's been injured the last couple of years and if the Bears don't re-sign Briggs to a long term deal, I could see us signing Briggs and moving Rocky to SSLB in 2008. Just a hunch on my part. No rumor, no proof.

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