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Classic referee explanation of a penalty call

Dan T.

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Giving him the Business!

I have been saying that for years from that clip....

I think he even appeared on Letterman after that b/c it was so popular.

good post - thanks!

Yeah I still use that line too.

I love how he throws a couple of right hooks as he's explaining the call. . .

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Announcers last weekend were praising NFL referee Ed Hochuli for his clear explanations of officials' calls during the game.

To me though, Ben Dreith gave the best explanation ever of a call. He even demonstrated what he was talking about. It brings a smile to my face every time I see it:



That clip was from the 1986 season ...

Two years later, he officiated a Redskins-Eagles game in Philadelphia. There was a play that had offsetting penalties. His explanation of it was quite hilarious.

Sadly enough, I don't think I have the tape of that game anymore ... we won it 20-19 on a last second field goal.

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