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Congratulations to ATN...


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ATN = The ES Bad Lands :laugh:

I guess that means you are Wyatt Earp, tr1 is Bat Masterson

and THA is Billy the (big) Kid :laugh:

That would make the Poke/Skin battle, the ES version of the OK Corral :)

The Earps versus that nasty Cowboy gang

or maybe "Little Big Horn" would be a better comparison:D

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']Wow' date=' a sensitive moment here at extremeskins that all comers can revel in. And I agree with the point of this thread. This is a definitely a unique spot here on the internet. And I'm happy to be a part of it.[/quote']




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Great Post Tr1. This is literally the first time I've seen a human side from you. What is a message board without adversaries? What is a rivalry? What are the Redskins without the Cowboys and vice versa? What is ATN without an evil foe? Everyone loves a villain! Sometimes I feel like I'm walking on eggshells in this place that I've grown so fond of. I want everyone to ponder these questions and embrace the greatest rivalry in all of sports.. :cheers:

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okay... just kidding about the dorks part... but had to link this post from back in June


ATN is the 3rd floor of ES party. If you DO make it up the three flights of stairs (most people don't) to get here, you enter a smoke-filled loft with the barely-audible music coming up thru the floorboards.

The room is populated by a motley cast of characters... of course, no women because they're all huge dorks... but the discussion is lively and heated.

Your first reaction is to turn right back around and go down the steps of course... like you just crashed a private party... but if you can somehow manage to stay for just a bit, you discover some pretty interesting conversation going on amongst some pretty cool guys.

But soon enough you realize... again.... that all the women are downstairs. So you leave. But you come back often to check on the room full of dorks and see what they're up to... because damnit, the conversation is pretty interesting and the personalities are, for the most part, great.


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