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Proof that upgrading the DB was the best choice this offseason


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I don't like to say i told you so but... I told you so (at least to all the

nasayers). At the end of the very furustrating year last year i made the point

that the Redskins needed to upgrade the DB's in order to upgrade the defense.

It was met by lectures about how ill informed I was about the the

fundamentals of defense. Well, maybe I, and more importantly, Gibbs,

Williams, and the front office are not so ill informed after all. I know, I know,

they will say that the D-line is playing better than they did last year, but my

original point was that there was enough potiental in the D-line, and a

complete lack of potiental in certain areas of the DB's (ie. the safety who's

name is never to be spoken, and more depth because Springs can't make it a

full season) that the Redskins needed to upgrade the DB's. After week 5, the

Redskins defense is ranked 3rd in overall defense for average yards allowed

per game. Maybe what the D-line needed was not better pass-rushers, but

better coverage by the DB's to allow the pass-rushers time to do some

damage. Alright, so let the excuses begin.

:logo: :dallasuck PS. I really hate Dallas. I hope Brady wipes that stupid smirk off Romo sits to pee's face!

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There are two differences between this thread and another I read today about giving props to the defensive line. First, your format makes me want to cut your fingers off. Second, you didn't mention me and how I was right. Had you at LEAST done the second, I'd have had no choice but to leave it alone. :).

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