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Well, they DO call Philly the City of Brotherly Love, so it's not all that surprising. I understand they pretty much leave the women alone.

You know what kills me? Year after year, try as I might to hate on 'em for obvious reasons, those Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders simply ... look ... mahvelous. Even in black & white.

By the way ... this is the second thread today that calls "outrageous cleavage" to mind. I love this country.

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Originally posted by Bufford

next thing you know, Jenna Jameson will be on our squad and also head of "Fan Appreciation and Fluffing"

I dunno Bufford. The waiting list for season tickets is long enough as it is. :)

The most important thing right now is that our cheerleader's on top. :silly:

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Originally posted by TheChosenOne

Who did you guys vote for in the AFC poll. And how in the hell did the Patriots cheerleader get all of those votes?

I voted Denver, although Houston was a close second.

Other than those two the NFC is much hotter. :notworthy

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