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C'mon Buffalo!!


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How many times did they blow it when they could have sealed the deal last night! Seeing the Cowboys win last night and seeing Jerry Jones and fat-*$# Wade Phillips celebrate was ALMOST as disappointing as seeing the Skins lose. They DIDN'T deserve to win. Add that on to the Yankees losing and I was BUMMED.

The Pukes did show their vulnerabilities, however. Which should bode well for the Skins. And Romo sits to pee was pathetic. Gibbs should be studying these game films.

When we beat the Cowboys twice in '95, it made their Super Bowl win a little easier to digest. It almost felt like they hadn't really won it. Not deservedly so anyway.

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Not trying to be a jerk here just figured you might want to know this:

There are a bunch of threads about this already going on- keep checking the Quick Links- New Posts feature just to make sure your not starting a new thread about a topic that's already going on (or use the search feature).

Mods don't like multiple threads on the same topic (clutters the board) and they can and will put you on NNT status if you do it repeatedly. :)

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