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Amazing Quotes from the Lions games


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Sorry if this was already posted..... couldn't find it anywhere and I got a good kick out of it.



Super Skins Bonus Quotes


I didn't have my camera, so I don't have photos of the stuffed lion hanging from a FedEx Field tree by the noose, nor of the other stuffed lion pierced through the heart with an arrow. What I do have is bonus quotes and notes, starting with:

* B-Lloyd, seen leaving the locker room, fully clothed, at 4:13 pm. The game didn't end much before 4 pm. That takes some effort.

* Marcus Washington, seen leaving the locker room with a backpack equipped with a large Transformers figurine. "Oh, that's Optimus Prime," he said. "I'm kind of a goof."

* LaRon Landry, seen leaving the locker room wearing an Atlanta Braves cap. What, LaRon's trying to go LeBron on us? "I heard about that," LaRon said of LeBron. "I ain't worried about it. I do color coding, [the team] don't matter to me."

More seriously.... here's what teammates were saying about Mike Sellers turning Kenoy Kennedy into mush:

Clinton Portis: "I think when he ran over Kenoy, that really changed their defensive mentality. Like, 'these dudes on this team crazy.' You know, I really think he loosened up their defense for us."

Rock Cartwright: "It was great, I hope he's on 'Jacked Up' tonight."

Sellers: "Honestly, it happened so fast, I don't know exactly how bad it was. I usually hit people. For me it wasn't anything different. But apparently, I guess I ran over him, from what I understand."

Saunders on Sellers wanting the ball: "You like a guy like that. I mean, every receiver wants you to throw every down, so they can catch the ball. Every running back wants you to run every down, every offensive lineman wants you to run power so that they get double teams and they can blow a guy back with another helper, and Mike just wants to be involved to help us win."

Sellers on getting the ball more: "Oh, [Al Saunders] wants me to run the ball. He wants me to run the ball, but it's the head man's decision, so we just go with the flow."

More after the jump:

Carlos Rogers on the D: "Coming into the game, looking at what they had done, on paper it seemed like it would be a challenge for us, but it's about what we do....We did a good job messing up their intervals, getting the receivers off their timing, getting jams on them....Every day we say it's about us. And that's the thing we did, came out and played our way and stuck with what we need to do."

Portis on the D: "That defense on our side's something serious when they're healthy and fresh, and it's up to us to keep them healthy and fresh. We give them the opportunity."

Sellers on the D: "We've had so many injuries in the past, we were shuffling around guys. Now that we've got so much depth, our defense is playing at a high level right now. Who knows how far it can go?"

Roy Williams on the D: "They didn't throw anything at us. They are what we saw on film. They sit back and play zone, play thirty yards deep with their two safeties and make you run it. We ran it, but we couldn't get into the end zone."

Gibbs on the defensive gameplan: "It would probably be best to talk to Gregg about it."

Gibbs on his team: "I really appreciate our team. The Lord has blessed us with a great group of guys."

Fletcher on the importance of the game: "I think everybody understood. There's some things that aren't spoken, that you don't even need to say because of the consequences. We knew we had to for one play well, because it was our home field. We didn't defend our stadium the last time we were here."

Fletcher on the five sacks: "It was just guys on our front four. We didn't bring any blitzes or anything, it was just guys beating their one-on-one matchups. You look at Andre Carter on the safety, it wasn't any great design of a play, he just beat his man one-on-one. That's what happened. Sometimes you can't trick teams; you've just got to go out and physically beat your one-on-one matchup."

Smoot on being back on the field in D.C: "I can tell anybody, coming to the NFL is a dream, but it ain't nothing like playing where you want to be at."

Cooley on his TD play: "It's really actually a simple play. We've worked it so much, it's funny because we'll run it in practice and our defense has seen it so many times that it never ever works in practice. But it's open every time in the game."

Kitna on the road: "Our last two road games have been debacles."

Cooley on Campbell: "He was very efficient with his throws, he was great on the move, he made some plays with his feet. He made a great play down in the red zone to Mike Sellers where he kind of had to scramble, and he turned right around and threw the two-point to me after he had to scramble. So he's done a great job for us, and it's exciting to have someone back there who can make plays."

Portis on Campbell: "Y'all didn't know he could do it. We knew he could do it; y'all didn't know. He really hasn't had the opportunity to do it, but every week comes a new opportunity, and the more he plays like this, the more opportunities he's gonna get....He's doing what he's supposed to do, he's playing quarterback. He's supposed to control the field, he's supposed to control the team, and I think that's what he's doing, he's playing quarterback."

Gibbs on Campbell: "I felt like it was probably his best effort since he has been starting with us."

Campbell on Campbell: "Overall, if you want to say just being in a rhythm as a quarterback, it's probably the best that I've felt."

Saunders on Campbell: "Jason is really developing a great feel for his progression reads. He does a great job of seeing things down the field. A lot of quarterbacks, they get something in their face and then all of a sudden they try to make something happen that's not there. Because of his height, and because of his composure and his poise and his pocket presence, he's able to see down the field extremely well, and played as well as probably any quarterback today."

More Saunders on Campbell: "He just played extremely well. He played how we would like him to play on a weekly basis. He's growing, and there'll be some good times and there'll be some bad times in his growth process, but this was certainly one of the good times. In my opinion, he played just a terrific game."

Sellers on the offense's grade: "We left a lot of stuff out there. B? Jason's phenomenal, [but] I've got to be hard on Jason, because the man, he can make plays. But it wasn't just Jason, it was everybody. We've got to complete on some of the third-down conversions and stuff like that. And we have, we didn't play a bad game, but we can always play better."

Sellers on his teammates raving about him: "If that's the case, let me get the ball some more."

Sellers on his role: "I just want all the dirty work, I want the hard stuff that most people can't get, that's all I want. I'm not trying to be a running back, I'm just trying to do my thing."

Saunders on the direct snaps to Portis: "In the run game there's two guys that you can't ever block, one is the man that has the quarterback responsibility and the other is the guy that has the ball in his hand....So when you take the quarterback and move him out of the formation, usually a defender has to go with him, so it gives you a one-man advantage from an offensive standpoint. And we ended up getting something out of it."

Saunders on the passing success on first down: "Well, because he threw it straight and the guys caught the ball."

Saunders on the game plan: "We went into this game feeling like the thing we need to do is get Jason in a rhythm, and the way you get the quarterback in a rhythm is give him three or four options with six man protections so that he can dump the ball off if he doesn't have an open field....Going into the game we said two things we had to do offensively to be successful today, one was get a much higher completion percentage and we set a bar for Jason at 62 percent, that's what we expect him to be at the end of the year--and we said this is the day to step up and do it--and we needed yards after the catch. We've typically been a pretty good yards after the catch team, but the first three games we weren't as productive as we would have liked to have been. And Antwaan took that with a grain of salt and really did a great job. So those are just some things that are part of the process, and every game's different. Next week will be totally different in how we approach it, what we do is just totally different than what we did today. It's hard to play games by analogy."

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Sorry if this was already posted..... couldn't find it anywhere and I got a good kick out of it.



Sellers on getting the ball more: "Oh, [Al Saunders] wants me to run the ball. He wants me to run the ball, but it's the head man's decision, so we just go with the flow."

Guess we will never figure out what exactly Saunders does. He calls the plays but Gibbs decides who runs the ball? So strange. Guess that's for another day though. Everything was so good yesterday.

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