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Of course New England at their place looks to be our most formidable opponent. The upcoming GB game is one at the beginning of the season I had as one of the "pivot" games which would be crucial in determining if the Skins were going to be a bona-fide playoff team instead of settling for a middling type of season (yes, 8-8 has made the playoffs in recent years, but I don't consider it to be a legit playoff record). GB looks a bit tougher now than when the season began, but their 4-0 (before last night) wasn't like the 4-0 that the Pats, Colts, or even the Cowboys had put up so far. I think we have a decent shot to take this one.

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The Bucs.

They match up well on both sides of the ball.

The Pats will lose in a similar fashion to the Lions today.

And if they don't... there may still be a chance to redeem the loss.

I tend to agree with you and a loss to the Pats and AFC team won't do much to us. However, a loss to the Bucs wouldn't be good at all! Im not sure if the Bucs are a playoff team of not but ... if it comes down to it we want to win all of the NFC games that we can. Similar to 05 when the skins went 9-1 I think vs the NFC.

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