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is it just me or do we have more in attendance then most superbowls for our home games?

Yea, but that is because we play in the biggest stadium in the NFL and sell out every game. But there have been 2 Super Bowls played with 100,000+ attendance, both in Pasadena, and another in Pasadena with 98,364.

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I wonder how big our stadium is in terms of unobstructed seating? Originally it was 78,600.

We have to factor in the removable tracts of bleacher like seating under both scoreboards by the endzone bars, both of the South endzone tunnels were completely filled in with non permanent seating, the players tunnels in the North endzone were made significantly smaller to accommodate more seats, the Field Club seating, and the unobstructed TD and TG Club seating that was added in 2004 when the upper 200 level was expanded to build the Cave.

Did I forget to mention any of the seating expansions post 1999?

Oh ya, the Field Club level was expanded from two rows to three at some point.

I know the Loge level replaced several suites, but I don't know if that effected overall capacity.

I'll guess maybe 84,000 unobstructed seats w/8,000 partially limited or obstructed, terrace and bleacher seating in The Cave.

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Superbowls are only played in NFL venues today as the The Rosebowl was the last non NFL venue to host, but it has been out of the rotation since 1992.

FedEx has the largest capacity in the league, but I estimate we pass 75 to 80,000 through the turnstiles for most home games except Dallas where it's probably in the upper 80s.

Everygame is reported as a sellout at 92,000, but you have to factor in the no-shows and the fudged numbers of seats sold by the TO.

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The club level has NEVER been full. I don't even think its full for Dallas games.

I was lucky enough to be in 322 row 19 seats 19 and 20 yesterday. Nice seats against the back wall. But would you believe seats 15-18 were empty? Face on those is like two grand for one game. Can you imagine being so filthy rich that -- not only do you not bother going to the game, but you don't even bother selling the seats? Or even giving them away? WTF

It was nice though. I could pace back and forth during the entire game!

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