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Yahoo Sports: Campbell, Redskins outhink Lions


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I dont ever create threads but I'm really excited that we seem to finally have a quarterback in D.C. I keep telling my brother that Campbell is a baller and how good things are ahead for him.

Did a search and didnt see it, sorry if its a repost.


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you can't read that article and continue to care about how much coverage we don't get in the media. our coverage won't change how well our team plays and if we keep playing like this i couldn't care less if they never mention the redskins in the media ever again. those who care will know how good our team is; the players and the fans. and that's all that matters.

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It's a good article. One thing though I wonder about is some of the comments in this article and other statements I've heard today. Campbell says this is how the offense Saunders wants to run is run. I read that and thought, "That's how OFFENSE is supposed to run."

Cooley in the locker room was talking about how we've been waiting a season and a quarter to make a statement game. He said we're loaded from a personnel standpoint. Then, he said, "We supposedly have the best offensive system in the NFL." Something to that effect.

I thought it was an odd choice of words. Saunders offense is proven. The loaded personnel may be the supposedly.

We've heard Saunders make comments about how the system works as if he's trying to convince players. I wonder if that's still going on. IF SO, this is a perfect game. If so, this is the kind of game that may get players to buy in a little because I'm just getting a vibe they don't quite believe it still.

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