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We have to play GB the same way we played today. We must play the pass first and pressure the QB. Our entire team must play with the fun and fire they played with today. And we must play like the game means the world to the season and not think about the next game like we did today. The Packers have a great Defense so its going to be a struggle but I guarentee that if the team plays like they did today we will beat GB.

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I want to face the best teams there could possibly be for there can be no room for excuses.

I do too. I dislike people who hope for injuries just so their team can have a better possibility of winning. I like playing a fully healthy team, so it wouldn't be any excuses, and so I know where the Skins stand as a team.

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Green Bay is a different team this year. Er, rather... Brett Favre is a different player this year. Dink-and-dunk, take safe "gambles", etc. And they realize that because it's all the media has been talking about throughout Green Bay's winning streak. As long as Favre stays patient, we're going to be in for a hard game - because he'll just take whatever he can get. I kind of don't see tonight's game mattering much for our chances next week. If GB wins, it'll be because of their patience and that should just keep them confident in their system - which plays against us. And if they lose, then they'll think they need to recommit to patience - which plays against us.

Having said all that, we've got great DBs and LBs. GB doesn't run well, so we won't have to worry so much. Then again, we've, historically, tended to help other teams overcome their own shortcomings. :P Still, if we can focus on the pass, and rushing the passer, and we can run well, keep ball control, and JC can play as well as he did today - we should be able to get a good win and hit 4-1! :)

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As I write this, Da Bears just scored after a favre pick. I want the packers to win a very close hard faught game. I want it to go to over time. I want the packers riding high after a win and maybe a little over confident. They may also be a little tired from an emotional game.

But in the end.... it does not really matter all that much.

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