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Nice thumping you put on Detroit........

Tom [Giants fan]

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come on , you just look silly , just stop
Judging by his post, I find it hard to believe hes been watching for the past ten years.
R u kidding? Your embarrasing the Redskins Fan base with a comment like that.
Honestly, i suggest you shut up and leave right now before you look like even more of a fool. That may have been the worst post i have ever read.
Man save it. How about you stop being a jerk. Tom is probably the most respected opposing fan here.

I can't stand Skins fans who feel they absolutely MUST rain on the parade of another Skins fan who's excited about his team. I don't care if he's stupid in your eyes, but let a fellow fan be excited. Can you at least do that? Is not what he said what we all hope for? Seriously? As a fan, it BETTER be what you hope for. I'm going to say that it is, and since it is, LEAVE THE MAN ALONE FOR SAYING IT. I'm not saying agree with him. Just be quiet about it, that's all. Giggle to yourselves. But love his passion and hope for his team.

Give the excitement he feels about our team some leeway. Sheesh.

And maybe the guy doesn't know Tom that well? Give him a break... there aren't that many classy opposing team fans around here and a discussion board can sometimes make it hard to understand tone. He may have thought Tom was just being sly and witty. Ugh. :doh:

He's not the fool who posted that "Giants suck go to hell" reply. You guys may have mistaken him.

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I like all the attacks that you put on me clever. "act you age not your shoe size" haha good one.

Too bad you can't exercise your own maturity when you're 45 years old.

Son, you owe Tom an apology for your ignorance. And if you can't manage that, then just isn't the place for you. And that's ok. Because if this is all you bring to the table, we simply don't want you here.

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