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parking for Cardinal's game


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Looking for parking, was supposed to just be my son and me and has now turned into all 3 kids, mother, and brother going to the game....need to cook some dogs in the parking lot or I'll need to take out a second mortgage to feed everyone inside the stadium.

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:2cents: I reviewed this thread before the Lion's game and found that the tailgate field and walk lot for $25 was actually a really nice area to tailgate, meet new Skins' fans and not have that far of a walk to the stadium. I recommend this lot if you don't want to get gauged for a parking pass for $60 or higher. They have music, they were cleaning the lot as we came back after the game, they have porta-potties that were clean and the even sell food and drinks on the corner. 2 thumbs up :applause: for the tailgate and walk lot.

Thanks Mark


Well, there's this spot:


Otherwise, I'd keep an eye on stagefront.com, especially Tuesday and early Wednesday of the week after this one. ASC seems a little high this year, for some reason. Also, check stubhub periodically.

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I have a green pass for that game got a purple so I dont need the green make an offer but keep in mind the greens for this game are goin for like 70+ i'll end my ebay auction early if someone here wants it at a decent price

heres my auction site


PM me if you have an offer and I'll shut it down early

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