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Grades Through First Quarter of Season


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Reading through this it seems there is actual research done on a lot of this. Props to Adam Schein (I hope this hasn't been posted already---search came up with nothing on this)



Washington — Joe Gibbs' team is 2-1. It could be 3-0. Or 1-2. Like a ref under the hood, I need more evidence. The win at Philadelphia was impressive. The blown loss, fueled by awful game management, to the Giants, was horrible. But Washington is much better than I thought during the preseason.

Only Jacksonville had an Incomplete as well.

A+ New England, Indianapolis

A Dallas :puke: , Green Bay, Pittsburgh

A- Tennessee, Seattle, Tampa, Detroit

B+ Cleveland, Arizona

B Giants, Oakland

B- Houston

C+ Kansas City

C Denver, Baltimore, San Francisco

C- Carolina, Buffalo, Eagles

D Atlanta, Cincinatti, Jets, Minnesota

F San Diego, Chicago, New Orleans, Miami, St Louis

HAIL :helmet:

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I think firing Marty was the dumbest thing ever :doh:

One of the contractors I work with is a big Chargers fan. Before the season started I told him that firing Marty and bringing in Norv was a big mistake.... He replied that anyone could coach the bolts and win with all that talent. I told him that he was correct with exception of Norv! :laugh:

On Friday he came in my office and told me that I was right. Charger fans are beginning to understand the pain that Skin fans (and to an extent Raider fans) know. I just wish that Dallas had hired him...

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