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DN: Lions will end streak, finally beat Redskins


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Lions will end streak, finally beat Redskins

Pawn the silver. Bet the rent money.

Steal the grandkids' money out of the cookie jar.

Bet the Lions to beat the Washington Redskins on Sunday at FedEx Field.

It isn't the lock of the millennium, but I make the Lions over the Redskins -- getting 3 1/2 points -- the best bet this week.

History, but nothing else, is working against the Lions. They are 0-for-Washington -- 20 losses without a victory on Washington's home field. The streak began in 1939 and continued through a playoff game in January 2000.

The Redskins supposedly have an edge in their secondary, where they are young, athletic and tough. They haven't faced a passing game, with a receiving corps, that comes close to equaling the Lions' Fab Five of Roy Williams, Calvin Johnson, Shaun McDonald, Mike Furrey and Troy Walters.

The Redskins like to jam receivers. They won't be able to jam Williams and Johnson.

The quarterback matchup -- Jason Campbell vs. Jon Kitna -- favors the Lions.

Offensive lines are a wash, at best :laugh: . The Redskins are missing two starters on the right side, Jon Jansen and Randy Thomas. The Lions have had their problems with pass protection, but moving Stephen Peterman to right guard ahead of Damien Woody has put some muscle in the running game.

The best linebacker on the field is the Lions' Ernie Sims, a ball carrier-seeking missile. :rolleyes:

Special teams could have ruined the Lions last week against Chicago. They can't be that bad two weeks in a row .


Most of all, the Lions have a new sense of energy and mental toughness, and they showed it when they came from behind last week to beat the Bears, 37-27. :thumbsup:

Two weeks ago, they lost at Philadelphia, 56-21. They were behind, 13-3, when they got the ball in the last minute of the third quarter. Imagine the mood on the sideline a year ago if the Lions had been in the same situation. The defense would have been glaring at the offense -- and conveniently forgetting it was a sieve the previous week at Philly. The body language would have been the old "it's-not-my-fault" excuse that Rod Marinelli has been clearing out.

There was none of that against the Bears. The defense kept playing. The offense came alive. And the Lions won a game that they probably would have lost.

There's a carryover effect, and the Lions should ride into their bye week with a 4-1 record.

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haha.... i guess Detroit is really enjoying their kool-aid. im so sorry that we are gonna break their hearts tomorrow at FedEx, but at least they will get to feel what its like at a real stadium with real fans....

this ones on me detroit...... enjoy it while you can :koolaid:

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What's the :rolleyes: for?

Sims better than Washington or Fletcher?

come on, heck I wouldn't put Rocky too far behind either

The OL a wash is just retarded, even with RT, and JJ out the Skins have still given up only 1/3 of the sacks the Lions have, and have a much better run game and avg. The Lions are near the bottom of the NFL in rushing

Special teams were bad, but they can't be bad two weeks in a row :rotflmao: if the are bad, they are bad.....

The Skins have a better OL, RBS, more complete offense balance, Better defense, and better special teams

Kitna puts up big numbers in the offense, but he also has a bunch of Turnovers, and he's never been a great QB, the only real advantage he has right now is experience.... the Lions biggest advantage is their WR.... The Skins have to keep everything in front, no big plays downfield, and keep the ball away from the Lions offense

The Lions can win, but not the way this guy is trying to state

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In from Afghanistan, wuuuuuuuuuuzaby Bubba! Bubba thanks for the article. Also appreciate that article on Rogers. But yeah got a nail biter going on......I can feel it all the way over here.

It'll be 2130 my time when the Skins tame the lions or will the Lions have a feeding frenzy..... In order to tame them we have to win the what I refer to as the "TOPs" time of possession....our "O" can't be on the bottom half of the sticks. No 2nd down and 7 and 8 or 9 yds to go, or 3rd and 6 or 7....also must start looking at mixing it a little bit and use the pass to set up the run....

#46 we need a big one tonight #46 Baby because #26 might need an extra week. Matter of fact I would give #26 a breather and see how goes #46, and if he can get us there. That's why you have a 1, 2 punch, use it.

If I recall ol Martz likes to do the unexpected and will try anything from his days with LA. He'll go Reverse, Double Reverse, he'll try a Flea Flicker, Hitch and go or Hitch and Pitch.

Expect some stunts and blitz packages and I'm talking more than usual...OL where you at! You have to be lower than snow today. Get low and stay low...

What else we got? Oh yeah the 4 receiver set...thes way to deal with that is stay discipline and understand your assignements. Have #24 man up Roy Williams and leave Sean at deep middle.

I would stay away from the cover 2, because we don't have the pass rush to play that. Plus I don't know if Fletch can play deep middle. I know he can run, but do you want Fletch matched up with Calvin Johnson down the deep middle? Assistant Coaches where you at?

Come with some vision and give Coach Gibbs, Suanders, Williams and Buges some help...today. Expect to make some at the half adjustments and understand trends, strengths and weaknesses and look for those creases. When we do this they do this? What are they trying to do with Rogers, their DT?

Go Skins Win ! And lets not allow the Spirit of Pierce, Ghost of Ryan Clark and the L.A. jinx bite us.

Talking "bout dat" Rare Essence express..."Dat R.E. express!"

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I know the media and all love to hop on a bandwagon but as i recall the lions started out hot last year, then kitna got banged up and then started tossing more picks than touchdowns. Their defense is bad and damn i mean they havent done nothing in 60 years.

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This clown apparently doesn't know that crack is bad for you.

Sims has 26 tackles and 1 INT. Rocky has 25 and a FF. That's a wash. (And not like a "our offensive line blows, but we'll call it a wash" kind of wash. I mean a REAL wash.)

Meanwhile, London is better than Sims; point blank. (Thanks Freddy.) Fletch has 29 tackles, a FR and an INT.

Now, let's dispel any misconceptions this moron has about the two offensive lines. The Redskins are averaging 4.0 yards per carry, and the Lions are at a respectable 3.8. The HUGE difference is that, even with all of our injuries, the Redskins have allowed 5 sacks, the Lions? Twenty-freaking-two!!!!!!

Hey idiot. Advantage, Washington. :laugh:

Defensively, I'd say the Lions play a matador defense, but that would be an insult to matadors. :laugh: They're 31st against the pass (do you hear that JC?) and 17th against the run. The Redskins are 13th and 9th, respectively.

There's no question the Lions have a high-powered passing game, and therein lies the danger. I don't think any of our CBs can cover either Johnson or Williams in anything resembling man coverage. Thankfully, we shouldn't have to. I expect to see a lot of Cover 3.

If we lose this game, it'll be because Kitna has time to throw. And if he does, with the weapons he has, it could be ugly. But I see the Lions' O-line as a real opportunity -- an opportunity to start getting some pressure, and building some confidence in the front seven for the rest of the season.

Like bubba said, the Lions CAN win this game. I don't think it'd be a huge upset if they did. But it sure as hell won't be for the reasons this guy is claiming.

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So in other words the Lions are feeling over confident, just like we were when most on here were predicting at least a 5-0 start after the Philthy game right? Some of you need to give the Lions some respect and realize that we aren't going to destroy anybody this year, we may win 20-17 but aren't the Pats. The Lions can put up points and last time I checked scoring was our achilles heal.

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So in other words the Lions are feeling over confident, just like we were when most on here were predicting at least a 5-0 start after the Philthy game right? Some of you need to give the Lions some respect and realize that we aren't going to destroy anybody this year, we may win 20-17 but aren't the Pats. The Lions can put up points and last time I checked scoring was our achilles heal.

Yep today might be a good day to pop open the playbook and see what Campbell can do. I have faith in him.

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They have at least three receivers as good as/better than Moss.

This is a whole new world of hurt for Rogers and Smoot.

We need to win this game badly......or we are looking at another 5-11, 6-10 season as our schedule only gets tougher.

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