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0-20 means nothing


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The Detroit Lions are 3-1 but that's not the stat that matters for this week.

0-20 is the stat. That's the Lions career records in Washington DC. But there's no Barry Sanders, Billy Sims, Eric Hipple, Jerry Ball, etc anymore. It's a whole new cast of Cats and the Redskins can't get caught up in records be it current Lions records or lifetime.

For the Lions it starts on offense. They have one of the best in the league. Jon Kitna has bounced around but in the end who still a solid QB capable of putting up big time number any given Sunday. Unlike the Skins opponent predecessors (trent Green, Donovan McNabb, Eli Manning) Kitna comes in not struggling and playing at a high level. Skins DB need to beware! I'm cringing at the thoguht. Gregg Williams personal rival with Shawn Springs must go. They need Springs more than ever this week. Hopefully Fred Smoot recovers and can play at a strong level. Smoot needs to start earning that paycheck and no better week than this one. Carlos Rogers can't afford to lay off this week they have to be aggresive. Roy Williams, Mike Furrey, Calvin Johnson (questionable) and Shaun McDonald is a real scary combonation capable of having monster day. The relief is the Lions don't have a major threat at tight end so they may be able to cheat and have Sean

Taylor and Laron Landry help.

The Lions running game isn't scary at this time but it's capable. The Redskins did get eaten up by Tatum Bell back in 2005 and Kevin Jones was once a highlytouted players who has battled injuries but the major scare of the Lions is the passing game. Constant pass rush is a must. Come on Andre Carter and Phil Daniels!

But the Redskins offense is hurting. The Lions are an average defense team. But Jason Campbell is about the only healthy player right now. Once again Clinton Portis is banged up. It may be time to give Ledell Betts a little more of a look and plaease start looking Chris Cooley's way. Especially with Santana Moss doubtfulsome receiver(s) must step up. My vote is Reche Caldwell. He deserves a look and I also think Keenan McCardell may get major looks.

It's not going to be pretty but I just don't think the Lions are a 4-1 football team. In the end the Redskins pull it out 27-23

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There's a totally different Lions team this time around, and we have to understand that. I think the match up I'll be most looking forward to be Calvin Johnson/Roy Williams against our secondary.

I think they said on NFL Network, that Calvin Johnson won't be playing...his back is still bad.

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Exactly. I think that we can't go out and underestimate these guys because they haven't won here before. There is no reason to believe that they can't win. I don't want to see us looking past any more opponents. I hope that we just go out and do what we are supposed to. If we play up to our capabilities, we should win. I just don't want to see the poor execution that we had two weeks ago.

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I agree that 0-20 in DC means nothing.

How many Lions are still on that team that the Skins beat in 04 in Detroit?

Probably not many.

So to these guys, the Redskins are an unknown team and franchise. What's happened in the past is going to mean nothing to them.

Streaks like 0-20 or something only carry weight when teams play eachother every year. If the Cowboys were 0-20 in Washington, then that would be something to note since it's a streak built with current players too and they'd be reminded of it by the media and it would get into their heads.

The last time the Lions were in DC was for the playoff game in January of 2000. Prior to that it was a game in 1997. So in 10 years they've been here twice.

The fact that they as a franchise have not won in Washington is a interesting fact that people can throw out there and say "Did you know?". But it will have no effect on the players and coaches (both sides) that will step out at FedEx tommorrow.

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