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JLC Blog: Coach Joe Is On The Warpath/Moss Doubtful (Merged)


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i'm a gibbs fan...huge gibbs fan. however, he's not the one on the field making plays. all he can do is set the skins up for success...it's up to them to execute and make plays to win.

while i do think this is a huge game for us...a huge game to decide what our season will end up being, i'm not too sure that jg is pulling out all stops in an effort to "reach" players that he feels haven't been reached. make no mistake, the media session wasn't about the media; those of you that know, know that jg is not a showman. he's not worried about the media or what they perceive our team to be. i think he's concerned about the locker room, though he'll never admit it publicly (btw, what does it say about our roster when a fa ie fletcher steps in and becomes the leader of a team?)

the hardest thing to do in sport or any profession is to positively effect change within a losing atmosphere...doesn't happen overnight.

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Consistent with my feeling ever since the Giants game ended, and as I wrote to a friend not 1/2 hour ago:

"My guess is coach knows how crucial this game is to the season, and by extension to Gibbs II. If he still has the ability to focus and motivate a team that made him "Joe Gibbs" in the first place, this is the game it will show. Same if he does not."

I cannot overstate how crucial I think this game is to the immediate future of this organization. Life is full of crossroads moments--many you don't recognize until long after they've passed. Not this time. This one stands out.

Looks like Gibbs might sense it too.

Or, he could have gotten a bad burrito.

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Guest RideorDieChic

What a big difference in perception when reading the article and watching the clip.

After watching the actual video, Coach Gibbs doesn't seem angry nor fired up....he sounds annoyed and somewhat concerned about our status. I'm not sure if I can label that fire...

In all honesty, Coach Williams' insight during his interview is extremely analytical and a lot more subjective and objective....his statements gives a better feel on the defense's / team [as a whole] preparation for this upcoming battle.

Either way, show time is manana ready or not!!


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He's either angry about the Giants game and how they played and is ready to unleash hell on the Lions or he is angry after a lackluster week of practice and is not looking forward to Sunday. My bet is about 10 people argue that he's a man on a mission, 10 people argue that he's a frustrated old windbag, this one goes 5+ pages back and forth before we all conclude that we hate Brandon Lloyd.
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that was the best gibbs interview ive ever seen. THAT looks like a coach who wants to murder a team. he is not a happy camper, and thats either a good thing or a really bad thing. hes either pissed about our loss and its left a horrid taste in his mouth, or hes pissed that the team looks so bad and hes stuck with a poor group. lets hope hes just pissed about the last 30 minutes of football he coached and that hes ready to put a hurtin on the lions.

regardless of what it means, it definitely beats his generic "gee golly whiz" interviews we usually see. thanks for showing some emotion joe!

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Has anybody considered the possibility that he got a bad phone call on his cell a couple minutes before... heard something about Buges... family matters... almost anything.

I mean, yeah, I'd like to see this add some serious urgency to this team. I do think we have plenty of talent and that the last half of the Giants game shows these guys are capable of pissing it all away like it seems a lot of our teams have been. And yeah, getting angry about it all might put a stop to that bull.

But my take on it is that, as usual, as a fan, I don't KNOW crapola about what is actually going on. I feel kinda ridiculous trying to put myself in a position to speak for Joe Gibbs or let everyone know what's going on inside his head, what effect it will have on 53 men of whom I have never met one in my life or done their job for a day, much less predict how everything will play out on Sunday.

For me, the deal is I admire a hell of a lot about Coach Gibbs and I love the Redskins. I just hope the man's health and mindset is great. As for the team... to me it's a lot more about the corners getting pissed at a 15 yard completion and making a move on the ball for an interception the next play than Coach Gibbs getting tired of the same ol' BS from the media (ok, so he's 11-1 against the Lions after tomorrow... he would not be in the Hall of Fame if he relied one iota on stuff like that).

My two cents... I just figure it all happens on the field tomorrow. All the rest of this is just theater and I'm ready for some football instead. Hope the team and coaches are, too.

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Really? You might want to watch Gibbs show with George Michael this weekend then when Gibbs himself says they like to run the ball SEVENTY PERCENT OF THE TIME. Gibbs himself said 70%. It's on tape. So now who's the idiot?

OK, I'm an idiot, watched the show and didn't hear or see where Gibbs likes to run the ball 70%...

Yep, they must have edited out that segment it in order to "cover up"....... or perhaps it was another show..... or perhaps he did say "it" within the context of a lighter moment and he was speculating that if a game was so under control and they were running so well that they could afford to run it 70%.

Dunno, no big deal either way.

Gibbs did comment on the old philosophy of run first then pass vs. the "new" philosophy of pass then run.

To paraphrase-

‘His philosophy is balance, you gotta be able to do both. Doesn’t know if he’s ever made that statement that you run first and then pass. Somebody’s attributing that to somebody else not me.

Now around here….. if we don’t run we’ll lose, we’ve established that’

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